The Soul Of Mines

The soul of Mines is not about bairrismo, some miners is privileged with the soul of Minas Gerais. Few know the Real meant of the Soul of Mines. The assigneds person with the soul of Mines are in the segments of the politics and of the culture, of the arts, he would be difficult to nominar all, in the sports we can also detach some. Hundreds of miners exist who if stand out in the media, before its pairs, its specific sectors, but nor all necessarily have the soul of Mines. The soul of Mines has the altruism, the self-denial and the public vocation as pillars, other values, all positives are also impregnated in the Soul of Mines. I heard Acio former-governor to speak in the velrio of my father: Murilo had the soul of Mines. It is certain, is witness and can count. Murilo Badar is one of the chosen ones to have the soul of Mines, took together part of it obtains, others as much will take still it, but unhappyly they are diminishing the worthy men of this essence.

We talked very lately, I used to advantage ' ' mine velho' ' until the last one instant. It counted many histories to me, debated on the decade of 50 and 60, on Vargas, the revolution of 64, years 70 and 80, at last, we had many colloquies that joined my curiosity with its wisdom. It counted its disillusionment to me and discomfort when the hard line, that implanted the dictatorship, desvirtuou the ideals of the legitimate revolution of 64. Its conjunctural position of option politics when its ideals deviated for another direction. The idealistic and democratical man if bothers with this, knew who it knows of what I speak. Our colloquies were many. When, with much pleasure of my part, it took a wine to degustarmos in the sunday, histories appeared.

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False Freedom

From the times in which our towns have been freed of tyrants until the present time we create to live being free, free of tyrants, some, but yes free of thoughts and actions it would be necessary to see. One of the extended ways more of esclavizacin is the television, How many hours you pass a television before? It give account to you of the passive way in which you are at these moments, there your you do not have own thoughts nor criterion. To tenth who we have to daily do the news us before sleeping to be informed, the sports by diversion and the soap operas also. But even so we complained that the time does not give us for anything, and cannot stop seeing our favorite program as if the life depended on it. Another type of slavery, the fashion, not only in the clothes everything is fashion, the electric appliances (you must change to the movable telephone a minimum average of 2 or 3 times per year), always there is something new that your telephone does not have, the car, the same clothes, your furniture, you have stopped yourself to preguntarte if it needs all that or only are one more in the race of the rats. The social acceptance (more influential in the adolescents), all the previous one takes to you inevitably here, because that it does not like to be recognized and to have many friendly, is very known that the adolescents are able to accept initiation rites to belong to certain groups, are associated to gangues and others to secure the valuation of the others. If truly we would live on free way, we would begin to have own criteria, prefabricated by others, if I am a free individual I do not have to let to me influence by anybody, all of birth we already do not have the concept of the good and the evil that to all case is an excellent base.

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Wedding Flowers

Often at banquets use balloons with helium inside that stretch along the perimeter of the room. As well, often at wedding banquets make an arch of balloons through which the newlyweds. Tissue also used in the design of the banquet hall, but a little less fun because it's not cheap. The situation can vary greatly and is very elegant, refined. If there is a material opportunity to draw banquet room with fabric, you should do it, as a sense of celebration, harmony occurs right in the room, where a tissue.

With it you can create a masterpiece, unique, with a twist. Your dinner can will be remembered for all the guests a very long time. Typically, this method is used to decorate the hall wedding banquets. Lovers of luxury like a banquet hall, which would have been decorated with fresh flowers. Indeed, the flowers – it opportunity to create a sense of grandeur, pomp, solemnity and naturalness. Get all sorts of colors in our time is not a problem. For the wedding reception flowers are chosen so that they blend with the dress the bride and her bouquet. Different varieties, colors can help create a professional smart composition.

For example, an arch made of flowers. It is suitable not only for themselves are not young, but all the guests, as looks very nice. For such compositions and for bouquets that will stand on the tables in the banquet hall – always opting for florists flowers that long without water. Well, the most romantic song can become a path, strewn with petals Rose, on which the couple must go to the gym. Also, in some hotels, bed Suite sprinkled with rose petals. Of course, if you are a creative person and in your head often are their design ideas restaurant hall, the costs to implement them. Then you get a guaranteed original, unlike any other – decorated banquet hall. Many combine parts of all the above options and also get their own, individual style room. If you need a wedding hall, you might want to think of his version of design together, the pair. It can make you closer and show how you can work in a team.

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Various Elements

Fire-fighting equipment is a combination of prevention, containment and extinguishing fires. Each element of fire safety is a functional load and has importance as an independent unit. However, the effective result in the case of an emergency is only achieved when the smooth operation of all interconnected components. That is why it is important that selection, installation and maintenance of the system was carried out with the assistance of qualified professionals. The main components of fire-fighting equipment are as follows: fire extinguishers, hydrants, nozzles, fire hoses, connecting fittings, equipment, as well as boards and cabinets for storage devices. Fire extinguishers – are devices that, depending on its type, charged with a specific substance (water, powder mortar, carbon gas or a combination composition) and are designed to eliminate ignition.

Species diversity of fire extinguishers due to the need to localize all possible ignition source in a variety of conditions. For example, on high settings is unacceptable to use foam fire extinguishers are used gas equipment options. For residential premises, as well as quenching of solids and liquids using water extinguishers, and for gas – powder. Hydrants – this installation, whose purpose – withdrawal of water from central water system for fire fighting purposes, what happens with the help of firefighters columns, which in turn attached hoses. According to him the source of fire quenching material submitted. The sleeves have a wide range and differ in characteristics of pressure, temperature brittleness coating diameter. An important element are the stems, forming a continuous stream of water and sends it to the epicenter of the fire. To combine the components into a single system, using a special fixture, which includes connectors, adapter heads, clutch and etc., are important devices for storage of fire extinguishers. Fire cabinets of different configurations can help a convenient and accessible in an emergency way to arrange all the components: hoses, fire extinguishers. A shield will be a repository for inventory. With proper installation, debugging and location of firefighting equipment, as well as the characteristics of the premises, fire protection is guaranteed.

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