The Fear

That is to say, one is free to decide that way to take in the life, independent of where she has stopped myself, I always say the important thing is not where these today, but where you see tomorrow is where she is that you are in this day, anyone or all the senses of the life, you can be better, you only need to see it and always to believe it with all the forces of your heart and after that, ponerte to work hard to obtain it, determining goals clear and WRITTEN WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM Every day already we will enter more detail, but so far I say to them that this is really magician, when your you write what you want to obtain, independent than it is and the area that is, and it sights and you read several times every day, your mind assumes that he is real and is put to work to obtain it, it do not give account you and you begin to generate new, propose ideas, your changed attitude to in front to the life, now you do not pass you occupied grumbling, if not that now you occupy your time in productive things, really you become completely, and this generally affects the people but near and together they begin a new stage of the life, where the things are seen of a pretty color but, now the problems happen to be opportunities to improve and to continue growing in this way to secure objectives, now you look for to make more things, you dare, independent of the fear to fall, so that you even feel the forces for levantarte with but desire and impetus that before, thus are one hundred times those that you need to return to begin you feel that nothing will stop to you, because your task only finishes when you achieve the independent objective than it happens, the film only has a end, To obtain it and they create it or no, when a human being this with that attitude against the life, obtains always sooner or later it.

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Square Eleven

To the few the immigrants had been if fixing in all bairrosda city, mainly of the Zone North He arrived, also, to appear sufficiently numerous umacomunidade, forming one vilarejo Jewish, in the city deNilpolis, to one hour of train of the River, for the Central office of the Brasil' ' (MALAMUD, 1988). In Square XI, more also in the region of the Leopoldina (Penha, Pottery, Ramos and Bonsucesso) and in Niloplis, it was not only even great quantidadede Jewish that they looked for to more live in places a little moved away from the regiocentral of the River due to better adaptation between its and the possibility even to demanterem its preserved traditions of the vicissitudes of the city and of certaforma trying to separate its children of some not accepted customs in its half one. This way of life has as one of its counterparts aagregao of individuals that share of the same gostos and nosmesmos temperaments places, social appropriation of the physical space, called for Park de' ' region moral' ' , where a moral code prevails particular that norteiao behavior of that in it if they incase (GRUMAN, 2006:110). Another important factor for this displacement was apossibilidade to acquire immovable the lesser prices in moved away regions doCentro, in which they could offer better conditions of life to the children. The commercial question also was determinative for moradiadesses Jewish, that they looked to habitations next to its area to sales and half aosprincipais of transports of the time. Although to be marked as regions of Jewish intensaconcentrao, the quarters of the Good one I remove and the Square Eleven not monopolizaramas attentions of the immigrants. In Rio De Janeiro, the known region as SAARA (acronym with the initials of Society of Friends of the Adjacencies of the Street dAlfndega, established in 1962), in the center of the next city and to Square Eleven, jatraa since years 1910 (over all he enters the two world-wide wars) judeussefaraditas of the Syrian, the Lebanon and other countries of Lesser Asia.

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The Other

It implies, for example, that it was present in the Roman and absent empire in the feudal period. The form we know as it in the current days is fruit of an inherent transformation to the proper capitalist system. The case landmark of this thick partition wall was the case of the agricultural producers of Illinois that when earning the cause on of the companies of railroad transports, alleging that the high costs for these taxes they hindered to it to get profits, had created a certain jurisprudence of that when a service affects public interests this it must be subordinated to the behavior restrictions, that is, to the regulation (RELATIVE, 2007). The case above exemplifica that one that is the main justification for the exercise of the regulatory activity, that they are the market imperfections. The market imperfections can be imperfect information, externalidades and power of market (or to be able of monopoly).

When he has asymmetry of information (or imperfect information), the economic agents are limited to act efficiently on account of the difficulty to gain the real costs and chances of the specific market. This situation can cause prices above or bellow evaluation, generating, therefore, distortions in the market. In the case of the externalidades, these occur when the performance of an agent intervenes with another agent, or, in extreme cases, all the other agents, that is, in the society as a whole. This is an imperfection because these curses (or benefits) easily are not mensurados in terms of costs and profits, and also because it allows that profits of well-being and economic efficiency for the society are in being able of individual agents (SANTACRUZ, 2001). The externalidade is an inherent characteristic to the electric sector and will come back more ahead to this subject. Finally, the market power that can be unfolded in some characteristics. One determined agent exerts to be able of market when, in virtue of the characteristics of that industry, it raises its price above of the average costs and it does not receive competition.

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