The Power Of Your Thoughts

May of 1954 Roger Banister one became the first athlete in running one mile in 3 minutes, 59,4 seconds, beating therefore a record that had been tried to break by more than 100 years. This event attracted the attention of means anywhere in the world. In that then, scientists and doctors said that to obtain feat like that was humanly impossible, that to try it could cause that the heart of a person exploded, who the bones were broken and that the muscles were torn in the effort this feat of in case she is amazing, but perhaps most interesting, is what In the lapse of 7 months happened later of beaten east record, other 37 athletes were able to also break with the barrier of the 4 minutes and in the following 3 years, the key question did other 300 is how happened this? If months before, to run one mile in less than 4 minutes something physically impossible were considered how it was that Roger Banister hardly managed to beat this record, to many also did it others? It is that the human body realised a sudden quantum jump that caused that the capacities of the human body expanded? It is clear that not that what changed they were the thoughts of the people and what before it seemed impossible in his minds, now no longer was it a limitor belief, a paradigm was had broken, and then the human being was able and obtained easily what before With this seemed impossible I want mostrarte the power that your thoughts have in your life, much that can limit to you or you they can make able. Your world is a reflection than you think and you create. Your thoughts can make you feel happy or sad, optimistic or pessimistic, able or incapable.

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The Problems

Exercise your meditation routine will help you to fully master the techniques of relaxation and make you feel like new. Meditation will help you to, firstly, to quiet your mind melting stress and anxieties. Secondly, using Active or guided meditation you can start putting your mental potential at your disposal to increase your creativity and ability to solve problems. You can also use meditation to relieve headaches and migraines, relax parts of your body you feel stressed and up, to get in touch with your intuition, only by enumerating some of their benefits. Mini relaxation Guide: start now with your practice! Follow these simple steps to begin to meditate and enjoy the relaxation: looking for a calm and quiet atmosphere. Choose a place isolated in your home, Office, Garden, can be closed or open air, where you can relax without distractions or interruptions. It adopts a comfortable position. Make yourself comfortable, but avoid bedtime since this can lead to do sleep.

Sit with a straight column, either on a Chair or on the ground, you can if you want to have the legs crossed in Lotus position. Choose a focus point. Choose a word or phrase significant (can be as simple as thanks) and repitela throughout the session. If you don’t know to say, can opt to concentrate on an object such as a ceiling fan or your own breathing, to improve concentration. We recommend that you close eyes to avoid external stimuli you desconcentren of your practice. Keep an attitude of an observer without criticizing. Don’t worry about the distractions that go through your mind or how well you’re doing.

If thoughts intrude in your relaxation session, not fight against them. Instead, it returns your attention to your focus point and dejalos pass. It starts with a few deep breaths to enter into relaxation and release tensions. So stay for at least 5 minutes. Smile and enjoy this time with yourself. Congratulations you have already made your first meditation! Some people practicing meditation only to enter into deep States of relaxation, although many other they used meditation to achieve different objectives. Some may use meditation as a way of resolving the problems, and some to find spiritual guides. Matter what meditation using, mastering the basic techniques of mind and total relaxation of body is the starting point for a fuller life and and relaxed. If you want to learn more about meditation, visit our website where you will find everything or that you need to know about meditation and the Silva method.

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