Body Preparation

When we are going to realise an important effort, physical or intellectual, our body is prepared for the action, intensifies the production of substances that activate the organism and creates a general alert status that it allows us to render to the maximum and with the greater success in the task at issue. An example, from the point of view of the physical effort would be an athletic test or a flight before a real danger and from the intellectual point of view an examination or a conference or to char it. In these cases our thoughts and emotions prepare to carry out the task to us positively of suitable form: the beats of the heart are accelerated, it increases the rate respiratory, and a species of corporal tension is created, unequivocal signs of the preparation necessary to confront that situation as well as possible. In this case, there is an agreed and adapted answer to which the situation demands to us. However, if instead of to find us before that real situation of action, the symptoms or signals before described (heart, breathing, tension) they suddenly appear, when our thoughts anticipate, they create or they imagine a possible situation of danger, increasing in addition in intensity as raises the imagination degree or anticipation of the same, we can be found in a situation very different from the previous one: we feel, for example, that accelerates the heart, fear sensation enters to us that makes increase that heart rate and as well accelerates our respircin, it does that nuestos thoughts of which something goes amla they seem to be in the certain thing and so we entered a vicious circle that the people that they have had sometimes an anxiety attack know very well. All we have a degree of own and personal activation that we know like anxiety characteristic, that is to say, the normal state of activation that our organism uses in the day to day.

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The Industrial Engineer And His Roll In The National Scene

It is necessary to keep well from a quiet water, a quiet dog and a quiet enemy. Jewish proverb the Faculties of industrial engineering of the national universities, they are public or private, they require in the present to generate the transformations necessary in the pensum of the race of industrial engineering that at the moment offers, in order to define the profile of the industrial engineer who Venezuela needs, more, before the determining characteristic of a turbulent, uncertain, risky scene national like which at the moment one appears, product of the management of the present government revolutionary Bolivariano under the responsibility of the lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, whom it has caused for instilling the denominated Socialism of the 21st century actions, that have generated serious conflicts, protuberances in the enterprise sector of the country, affecting significantly the operativity, productivity of the companies, especially the SMEs, in which a number of them has stopped operating and others do, it with low productivity. Of course, to all this it adds, the significant roll of the globalisation that has caused changes, challenges in aspects that cannot be eluded in the formation of the industrial engineer, like is the technology, the characteristics of the products and services that at the moment the consumers demand, as well as all integration of the human factor in the operativity, effectiveness, productivity with respect to the new technology. It cannot either go through high everything what the management of processes, that today it is demanded to guarantee productivity, benefits, to a low cost, yield, operativity, effectiveness, continuous improvement, zero defects and all concerning the new vision development, paradigm that the total quality demands and are necessary in order to guarantee competitiveness. They must the Faculties, to identify itself more with the roll than it is required of the industrial engineer, to determine the needs of the enterprise sector and what the industrial engineer can collaborate to him, in all the concerning one to guarantee productivity, efficiency in the production.

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