GHz Receiver

Therefore, before setting the frequency to monitor compliance with these frequencies. Here's a simple example. Do you want to configure your analog receiver on TV5 (the satellite Hot Bird), the frequency of 11.32 GHz. Your receiver is factory set to subtract from the carrier frequency signal of frequency LO at 10 GHz. But your converter has a frequency of 9.75 GHz local oscillator. You are on the table of frequencies determine the frequency of the TV5, knowing the frequency of the LO of your LNB, expose to the receiver display 11.32 – 9.75 = 1.57 GHz and do not see any channel TV5, because in fact your receiver is set to 1.57 + 10.00 = 11.57 GHz.

This means that you need to change in the receiver frequency of 10 GHz to 9.75 GHz. There are some models of receivers, which do not permit such a change. In this case, the correction 10.00 – 9.75 = 0.25 GHz have to make in the mind without the correct display of digits on the display. In the case of dual-band LNB, which has different frequency ranges for the two different oscillator frequency, the situation may be much more complicated. For digital receiver wiring diagram is the same. No sound on the TV converter box will not see. Appears just black screen. The above-described complex situation with frequencies converters for digital receivers are not characteristic, since they all have on-screen menus, and usually allow you to set the required LO frequency converter. If you have an analogue system complements the digital receiver, the connection is as follows way.

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