The Benefits Of Vitamin D In The Diet Of Bodybuilders

As is known, bodybuilders pay much attention to their nutrition. The presence of vitamins in their diet is a guarantee of a successful and progressive training. Vitamin D is often called the "sunshine vitamin", and it is justified, since the synthesis this vitamin in the body occurs only under ultraviolet light, ie radiation from the sun or other artificial light sources. By providing the body with calcium, vitamin D is responsible for the healthy bones, as well as their growth and consolidation. In addition, vitamin D regulates phosphorus balance in the body affects the health of both the immune and hematopoietic systems of rights. It helps support the heart muscle in tone, stimulates the thyroid gland and promotes better blood clotting.

Few athletes are aware of the fact that vitamin D is a steroid hormone. As a precursor steroid – sex hormone degidroandrosteron, vitamin D is produced from cholesterol. Of vitamin D comes from food. Regular consumption of a bodybuilder egg yolk, mushrooms, liver, fish (mostly tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon), dairy products (butter, sour cream, cream, fatty cheese) helps to maintain a good level of vitamin in the body. For people who play sports are very important to get vitamin D additionally. There are two ways to get vitamin – the natural way (staying in the sun from 30 to 200 minutes per day – depending on the tan leather) and in an aqueous or oil solution. Incidentally, a recent study researchers have shown that eating milk with vitamin D, calcium is absorbed much better, because has a high anabolic (ie, enhances the synthesis of protein) activity. Bodybuilders in particular to avoid a deficiency of vitamin D, as The resulting deficit of the bones may begin to soften, there will be muscle cramps, acute attacks of pain, etc.

But a surplus of vitamin D is dangerous. Being fat-soluble vitamin, it tends to accumulate in the body that leads to a surplus of calcium in the blood, the blood vessels. Usually recommended dose of vitamin supplementation in the range 0.12 mg (or 400 IU) – 0.18 mg (or 600 IU) per day. Given the great physical strain on the body, athletes can without risk to his health to raise the dose to receive 0.24 mg (800 IU), but not higher! Further increase in dosage of vitamin should proceed only under medical supervision, despite the fact that the toxic limit of vitamin D is equal to 1.5 mg (or 5000 IU) There is a special scheme of vitamin D year-round athletes. In the first 4 weeks of bodybuilders take vitamin to 0.24 mg per day, then for 8 weeks halved vitamin, bringing the level to 0.12. Then such regimen alternates. Since the use of vitamin helps to increase thirst, it will be very useful during a diet, at its final stage, when you need to curb your appetite and get an additional portion of water in as a diuretic. The same scheme of vitamin D could not be better suited for those who consume creatine. As it is known that without the occurrence of side effects to maximize the effect of creatine the athlete has to drink lots of water. Vitamin D is an excellent service will serve as a means of causing thirst.

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