Captain Silver

Extremely skillful with computers, it does not have code that it does not obtain to descrifar or place that does not obtain to have access. For being son of one of the bakers richest of the place where he was born, calls it to all baker. Caucasiana it and, has 20 years, 1,80 of 78 height and weighs kg. He could be a good athlete. Jack is of all more malandro, knows as nobody to obtain everything that wants, except with me. She is the specialist in explosives of the group, it put since small works with chemical and explosive products.

Sufficiently fast, it obtained to beat my record in the one hundred meters with the mark of 8? 59, have 19 years, 1,83 of 70 height and weigh kg. Arthur is the specialist in weapons and robotics helps, me to develop our suits of combat, together Erik developed a better version of the suit that I developed has 2 years, the T-856 suit of combat used for the conscripts, which had given the delicate name of Hell-1. This soldier obtains to reach with a rifle a target approximately the 1,60 meters, has 18 years, 1,70 of 65 height and weighs kg. We are waiting orders to be able to embark and to leave for the exercises, until when Star Commander finished the meeting it and Captain Silver, and were informed that Captain Silver would go with its group, the Vampires, to observe the training and to participate with group of hunting. All 5 group was worried, but not apreensivo, for Captain Silver to have fame of brutal assassin and never to play clean in these exercises, to keep the heading of better. We embark in the aircraft that brought the Captain ' ' cago' ' as we call Captain Silver, this that ordered all the soldiers to leave its suits in the base and caught one of the suits that it brought to supply all, leads except them of groups, that had to catch its suits and to lead to be inspected by the Vampires.

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