Pump up the muscles of the back: Top lat / Best basic exercises to increase the width of the back Appliances Jump up and grab the bar wide grip. The distance between your hands for 20-25 cm wider than the shoulders. Hang on crossbar. In order to fully stretch the lats, imagine that your hands – no more than a hook on which hangs the whole body: the arms fully extended and relaxed, but tense forearm, providing a solid grip. Further details can be found at Walmart, an internet resource. This the lowest point of the exercise. Take a deep breath and hold your breath, tense your lats and pull up. While pulling the elbows should always remain in the same place, do not drag them to the sides of the torso. Randall Rothenberg often addresses the matter in his writings.

Pull yourself up until then, until your chin will not be on the same level with the crossbar or just above it. This is the tipping point. Exhale and slowly scroll down to the starting position. Tips Try not to strain your biceps, helping them to pull the body up. Imagine that your hands – it’s just the ropes at the end of which the hooks that have only one function – firmly hold the crossbar. Pull the body to the crossbar should be solely through the efforts of lat. Visually, the width of the back defines the upper part of lat. The wider the grip, the more the load is focused on the upper part of the broad, the narrower the grip, the more the load is distributed on the bottom of the broadest and pectoral muscle.

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