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SCOPE and relevance of the TOPGRADING in the company modern Carlos Mora Vanegas relevance, aspects Basic is known that the term of topgrading according to authors B. Smart and H. Geoffrey in his text Topgrading defined the Organization as: action and effect of cover all positions of an organization with a player from the first with the appropriate level of remuneration. Tomiris Useche on this topic tells us, that in the companies that have come experiencing rapid growth they focus their attention on constantly evaluate talent, not only for the occupants of the existing posts, but also for potential future posts. They hire people with great potential for advancement. Reaffirming these companies that the advantage competitive of any organization is talent. This had been successfully practicing at PDVSA and for that reason has planted a great international prestige. nions as well. However, in the case of Venezuela said in April 2002 that the company PDVSA has been the only company in Latin America to apply successfully This tool.

Certainly, any company that has established the topgrading rewards talent with a good package of remuneration and compensation. PDVSA salaries internationally are barely competitive. To compare the salaries of PDVSA executives must take into account that they compete with a market that isn’t in the country. According to r. masters, Gerente General de Korm/Ferry International says the following: greater commitment that companies, have a critical situation like this, is the defence of their key human resources.

It is known that workers within the Topgrading is a good percentage of happy, since they are people with good work and professional performance. They enjoy a tremendous serenity, they possess a solid character as a Rocky Mountain, have wonderful friends and family group, a very large spiritual base. In short, are very dear people in their respective communities. Furthermore, they like what they are doing, they have an excellent physical condition, some of money in their respective banks and above all they give and receive true love reinsiste in the analysis, taking into account, that the best way to be successful is to resolve all the shortcomings: it is the most direct path to success! Both business and political leader to arrive and be triumphant in the organizational big leagues should be the first that nothing a player of 1st, whose qualities are consistent and above all do not have any serious weakness.

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