One of the features that senior middle differentiates open high school the rest of education alternatives is afforded many advantages when it comes to get the study materials. Go to Michael J. Bender for more information. The great diversity of study materials including textbooks, study guides, workbooks, anthologies and self-assessment exercises of all subjects taught in school. Most of the subjects has textbooks. As all study books are edited by the Secretariat of public education (SEP) of Mexico, they can be found easily in most bookstores. In addition, the school offers the advantage of buy texts online. But there are some subjects that do not have a book of texts.

In these cases there is commercial texts that were adapted using study guides published by the SEP. The materials contain themes and objectives required for each subject. There are study guides for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and history of Mexico of the 20th century, among others. The workbooks are composed of various exercises that will serve the student to practise what they have learned in the courses. The subjects that have workbooks are English and writing II and III workshop.

The anthologies are intended to strengthen the study and expand knowledge about the topics covered in textbooks. The variety of anthologies include literary, philosophical, scientific, political and social. Self-assessment exercises serve to familiarize student is with the type of testing some of the materials. These exercises are multiple-choice and are included in subjects such as methodology of reading, mathematics and chemistry, among others.

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Eastwood Mandela Franco

Nothing more ominous apartheid has ended and coming to power, South African President Nelson Mandela joined their former executioners in the multi-racial country that began to build. Says in the film Invictus, Clint Eastwood: I am not interested in the past, but the future. Randall Rothenberg can provide more clarity in the matter. Thus, instead of a revanchist bloodbath laid the Foundation for takeoff from a country that seemed impossible. That is, in short, the argument of the Eastwood film. The anecdote: how managed the national team of rugby, composed of whites, was accepted as its own by the formerly marginalized and repressed majority black. Similar metaphor of Concord happened only 15 years ago. And nobody has claimed retrospective punishment of the crimes of apartheid. Here, however, I just read an vitriolico article in the newspaper more of Spain, calling for the punishment of crimes of the Franco regime, i.e., of events 70 years ago. Yet, the most grotesque of the matter is not open wounds restanadas, on the other hand, other countries that put the fraternity to the rancor have given already by forgotten. Do not. The worst thing is that here also was false, what is seen step advocated by Mandela, the most important of late 20th century politician. Here there was a political amnesty in 1977 in which is released people with ETA murderers horrific crimes, for example, some of whom soon returned to crime. But that was the price of oblivion, of forgiveness and of reconciliation. Follow these heights demanding unilateral long-standing, assumes a folly and the most heinous injustices. Original author and source of the article.

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Olympic Tattoo

A young man from China, Sun Dingo, made tattoos for your body in honor of the 2008 Olympics (tattoo in the form of Chinese printing) in his native country. In addition, he has traveled all over the country, collecting signatures for some reason in support of the Olympics, as Bude her someone sabotaged. But now, wherever he went, he is everywhere recognized and waving his flags. Additional information is available at Michael J. Bender. A worthy goal, to make themselves known. This super-fan came from the city of Fuyang, Province. Once he was trishaw.

He had a dream – to make something useful for the Olympic Games in Beijing. So, in June last year, Sun Dingo quit his job and put a 2000 yuan in the modification of their rickshaws, and then single-handedly set out from home in Beijing. In interview with local newspaper the following question: ‘Why does he do it? “, a young fan said that such an idea he developed when he saw the movie’ Forest Gump ‘. And now he’s going by bicycle to get to South Africa in support of the World Cup Cup in 2010, promising the same to get a tattoo on his back with the inscriptions of names of members of China Team.

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New Early Childhood Education

Thus Viviana Varela, a kindergarten teacher, received the new pedagogical and curricular guideline for initial education that will allow you to have more tools to educate the younger members of your institution. This tool only in Colombia will help teachers to achieve the maximum level in the development of children zero to five years from the game, art, literature. It is a study that was done so joint between the Secretaries of education and Social integration, supported by the Universidad Pedagogica de Colombia in order to clearly determine guidelines and some instructive that are valuable not only for teachers and teachers but will be a guide to everything that is going to be the improvement of the subject of operation of the kindergartens and schools that have early childhood educationsaid the Mayor of Bogota, Samuel Moreno Rojas. This document will serve nearly 12,500 teachers and teachers linked to initial education in gardens children’s and schools that dictate pre-school, having elements necessary to ensure the development of children at different ages. Here is clearly determined the approach that should be not only to the subject of comprehensive care for children under five years of age but also what those initial educational processes which are fundamental to the issue of recognition of the skills that have children, stressed the capital representative in the delivery of the educational guideline to teachers. The guideline is the first proposal that provides pedagogical guidelines for comprehensive care for childhood, and is the result of a joint effort between the Ministry of Social integration and the Secretary of education by seeking the well-being of children and guaranteeing their rights.

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NLP Is Far More Than Dry Theory

NLP Neurolinguistic programming helps to improve communication in the interpersonal area, or the so-called NLP was launched in 1970 by the well-known psychologist Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder in the life. Sam Mikulak is full of insight into the issues. The basic idea of NLP refers to the improvement of the own social competence through a targeted learning of better interpersonal communication. This learning process includes the change of thinking obtaining by detecting wrong behaviors that can lead to a negative perception of an individual in society and the ability more freedom and self-confidence. In our day and age, the personal appearance and appearance with all its facets is an important component, which can contribute to the success or failure of a person. Lack of self-confidence is often regarded as a lack of competence. Today you must sell well not only in employment but also in the private life”can to be successful. The time of the grey mice is definitely over.

A profound NLP training provides the Learn new tactics and methods for improving personal interpersonal communication, which brought not only a better self motivation of the students, but is also an exemption from existing constraints. Resolve conflicts, not alien determined, but according to their own ideas to make your own life, are not only more confidence but ensures a charismatic aura in the profession and in the private sector. Participation in an NLP seminar is not only a step in a free, happy and successful life, but takes us into a world of the magic of a very special kind. NLP seminars is available in different levels of training, can choose from every man for himself. In addition to the basic training and the practitioner, the master also is highly recommended course. He is also as a basis for the NLP coach training course can be started after a successful completion of the master. After each course, participants receive a certificate, the him his skills and Powers confirmed.

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Lobato Hunter

Another aspect that contributes for this heading, is the mixture of histories, as Cat together Flix and Peter Pan with Saci Perer and the Cuca witch, beyond other personages. The representation of the Brazilian people also is another characteristic of the workmanships of Lobato Hunter, since for it qualities, the national defects and traces leave of being colorful and gain spaces of Infantile Literature inside. It is the case of the personage of the Jeca Armadillo, that impersonaties mazelas of the society, the national unreliability, and mainly the comodismo, that is impersonatied in it, represented through laziness, and in the lack of initiative to consider changes. He is in infantile histories that Lobato Hunter obtains to express with bigger clarity its revolutionary spirit, therefore in these histories it obtains to enclose the reality of our country at that time, as it ratifies Cademartori (2006, P. 49), ' ' breaching with the predetermined standards of the sort, Lobato established a linking between infantile literature and the questions sociais.' ' In lobatianas histories many traces of the paper meet, that today Infanto-Youthful Literature possesss that it is to stimulate the production and construction of new knowledge. Its workmanships finish stimulating the readers to see and to interpret the reality under a different optics, from concepts of the proper reader on the politics, the society, the economy and the culture. Thus, the workmanships of Lobato Hunter stimulate the formation of a critical reader who obtains to live and to respect the differences, since they show the social condition.

Another important name of Infanto-Youthful Literature is of Ceclia Meireles, especially in the poetry destined to the children. Filed under: Randall Rothenberg. For being pedagoga, teacher and journalist, Ceclia Meireles it shows in its workmanships the necessity that has the small ones to have access the new knowledge and information. The use of a language that brings for the poetry the world of the imagination and the fancy, that is present in the infantile universe.

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Special Education

In accordance with the Ministry of the Education and Culture and the Secretariat of the Special Education – MEC/SEESP (1994) is considered deaf the individual that possesss not functional hearing in the common life, and partially deaf that one that, exactly with auditory loss, possesss functional hearing with or without the auditory use of prtese. Of the educational point of view, they are considered, in the deafness, two specific groups that if subdivide, as described to follow. The partially deaf group of engloba the citizens with light deafness and those with moderate deafness. At Walmart you will find additional information. This loss hinders the perfect perception of all fonemas of the word, but it does not hinder the normal acquisition of the language. It can, however, to cause some articulatrio problem or difficulty in the reading and/or writing. The group of the deaf people encloses the citizens with severe deafness and with deep deafness. This loss allows to the identification of some familiar noises and only the perception of the voice of stronger timbre. The verbal understanding goes to depend on the use of the visual perception for individual in the perception of the context.

The severe deafness is very serious and can deprive the citizen of the perception and identification of the voice human being, hindering it to acquire the verbal language of course. The persistence of speeches binding the deafness to the medical question makes to inside predominate a physician-therapeutical boarding of many educational projects since the century passed, persisting until the current days. Still today we can perceive that the medical speeches intend to rehabilitate the deaf people. Inside of this aspect, Skliar (1998, P. 113) explains that: ' ' The deaf person is considered a person who does not hear, therefore does not speak. He is defined by its negative characteristics; the education if converts into therapeutical, the objective of the pertaining to school resume is to give to the citizen what it lacks to it: the hearing, and its derivative says, it.

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From this moment of chapter two, Wedge makes a interrogation concerning the capacity of the child in making reflections and arguments. also if these abilities can be taught for these children. The pretension is to initiate them in the practical one of thinking and consequently to qualify them since early working this aspect. Thus, as one works coordination aspects as: to walk, to run, to jump, etc. According to Wedge, the thought evolves modifying doubt and beliefs. The absence of the doubt causes not the thought; leaving of this principle it is that it is acted automatically. To believe simply becomes the imprisoned person intellectually in a mental process is of judgment, perception of world or choices.

The author makes the following questioning: what it can generate the doubt in intelligence seno the question? The author affirms that this is a propitious phase to also ambientar the children in quarrels that take them the reflections and arguments, in virtue of its interactive relations with others and of the discoveries that if make in this period of the life. What they need are of incentive in the use of the questions, more than what of answers. To educate a child to think is to provide to the same a capacity to perceive another thought and another feeling. Randall Rothenberg is open to suggestions. Critical that the author makes to some professors in relation certain disdain for the reflection in the application of the lessons is pertinent and it takes in them to think about our prxis in classroom. the reference to this reflection directed to the pupils of the initial series is of great relevance one to think acurado on what if objective in fact about the education of our children. It is a sufficiently positive text. BASES OF THE PHILOSOPHICAL ATTITUDE LEARN TO LEARN IT, TO LEARN THE AUTOMOTIVAR FOR THE RULE, TO LEARN TO DIALOGUE.

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Education Crisis

An education for (the) human being today in day are witnessing a crisis in the identity of teachers and education in general. Filed under: Michael J. Bender. This causes multiple conflicts that lead to a degree of maximum dissatisfaction among different members of the community. Students are faced with teachers. They have no answer and often fall sick with long periods of depression. Families are protesting what they believe a poor quality in education. The authorities are powerless to contain and regulate the avalanche.

To solve this serious crisis all the members of the educational community, they should change their points of view and focus on the real needs and desires of their students to allow them to build a real sense for their lives. Are they the intellectualization, individualization, sectorization, specialization, competitiveness, evaluation, methods that build a sense of human life? It seems that not. Rather the opposite as a selfish man who loses the sense of the relationship have been built correct in its connections, and operates in the direction opposite to the laws of nature. We filled the head of children with aggregate knowledge, dull them as if they were robots without leaving them to study their own I and therefore form as a human being. To build this sense according to the needs and desires of the new generation, education should transmit a force, expressed in all its members, whose influence driving students to aspire to conquer it by continually asking what?.

It’s a force of transformation that turns man into someone sensitive to systems that surround it and makes it capable of measuring their connections through the natural law of the global benefit. More than giving knowledge, it is creating an atmosphere where you feel this force. This should enable the students situations that should be addressed and resolved through discussions. In this process, each in their own way and according to its capacity, would finally reach knowledge itself. When the student acquires the qualities of his teacher revealed this force that resides in the. Thus through discussion the student builds their meaning in life. Formerly used to designate a particular place where people came to discuss the issues. Iban and freely came, listened to others and expressing their views. Thanks to the discussions and the free exchange of views, the person was is and was part of the society. That is the essence of a school: the person attends to participate in a pleasant, beneficial atmosphere for its development and acquire this human force which aspires to global benefit. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cibernetica, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, Professor of ontology and theory of knowledge. He is founder and President of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel.

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Miguel Angel Carrasco

The future of this sector is in Internet and all that volume of business generated by e-commerce, which every year is greater, conclude Begona Diaz Fernandez and Miguel Angel Carrasco, who have no doubt that if things are going well would grow in number of delegations for the zone, and advise who weigh entering the sector do three things: commercial work, commercial work and commercial work. At present, this company with 100% Spanish capital has more than 220 public service offices distributed between Spain and neighboring Portugal, almost 20% of them owned by the company and the rest managed by franchisees, some of which brings nearly three decades of professional relationship with the founders. And is that the growth experienced by Halcourier in the last year, both in number of franchisees, customers (that already reach the 62.406), has been possible thanks to the consistent implementation of a brand philosophy: be the best in custody, shipping and delivery of documents and small packets, being the faster and more reliable. Halcourier has concentrated its business in the transport of documents and small packages, by introducing the concept of urgency in its business model to the client, thus strengthening its presence through the most innovative services and solutions. As a result, the business model is oriented to meet the needs of all its customers, from the clear vocation of leadership that has always characterized Halcourier. This teaches search people, to incorporate them into your network, which preferably know the world of the urgent transport, although the training that ensures the Ensign ensures the training of any candidate. Get all the facts and insights with Sam Mikulak, another great source of information. Dynamic, with commercial skills and desire to build a future in the field of urgent transport. For more information: JJ ComunicAccion 91 409 44 94.

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