Psychological State

Now, as many men how much women were white daindstria, whose advertising was represented for mosbelos individuals each time. From the decade of 70, the white public passed to be formed, also, for the young, with great emphasis to the practical esportivas. The association of the cigarette the diverse esportivas modalities, between them oalpinismo, the ski, for-quedismo, hipismo, surfe, reached clearly, and comxito, the young public. The practical esportiva that more demonstrated affinities as cigarette, was motoring, specifically the Formula 1.' ' Either who will be the holy ghost to designer it perfected that it, imagined cigarrocomo a complement capable to confuse itself of body and soul with smokes who it. It became it masculine in masculine hands; feminine, in feminine hands. Sophisticated, between sophisticated; rustic, between rustic. A derebeldia symbol, for the young; a calm instrument, for the aged ones.

Warm ally at the action moments made deleum and a solidary friend in momentosde reflection. He loaned to it an eloquence extra as seductive e, in the half damistura of fumos, included ingredients that allow the smoking exibirsegurana, altivez and independence. E, much more that a friend, made of cigarroo our abetter. The partner with who, without changing of lips, we dialogue emsegredo. For signal, only namely that nobody is innocent when smoking. Interior pose to if lighting a cigarette, blowing smoke or to place the ash have sempreuma. Exactly when not h.' ' (BARROS, 1996) As it can above be perceived in the citation, the habit to smoke is claramenterelacionado to glamour and the beauty, to the close desires, the personificao daalta society. A psychological state purely that, unhappyly, afetaprincipalmente the physical body. The cigarette propaganda always was creative and of much beauty. The restrictions aofumo and to the cigarette propaganda had been increasing gradual, until ogoverno forbade to its association with diverse sports and events, and compelled asindstrias to place an acknowledgment on males of the tobacco in all propaganda decigarro.

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