Reach Character

Analyzing the history of men who have attained the highest peaks related to money, happiness and all kinds of riches, we are, very often, with a common element. These great men have passed it very badly at some point in his life and from certain point, product of the suffering and the discovery of some truths, their paths have been straightened to finally see the light. We all want to get those results, but how many of us would be willing to go through that hell where are tested all our strengths and weaknesses? I believe that life is fair and wise, and that uses this mechanism to make us mature and temper the character’s way of when we have before us the opportunity to conquer the money does not fall into the temptation to lose ourselves in the pleasures and power that it provides. The cases of those persons who have attained a certain level of wealth are not rare but however its character has not been really influenced (positively) and it is that ultimately it is the person who ends up serving him money, pawning all their energies and time to please the impulses generated by the latter. From here it follows a teaching of the highest level, if you want to win money and in general the material world, the first beam of conquer yourself (or at least one good part of it), so that part of the road that get cattle not subsequently lose it not having enough character to make it money who is available to man, and not vice versa. Let us not lose sight that the man as same can climb to the highest heights, may falter and fall into the deepest abyss.

In life everything are tests and know carry material wealth, such as the own money and the power it generates, immovable, relevant social relations etc, is really one of the toughest. Staying pure despite the temptations that surround constantly to the man who has reached this level, is all feat, although on the other hand, it is his natural manifestation. And it is to be able to temper the character necessary to deal with these situations that life puts us in extreme situations, if we are capable of maintaining integrity and go one step further, because we already started to climb. Fools would not learn the lesson.

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