PISA Learning

The page on the lesson content explained simply be about PISA and other education studies was too much written and said. One thing is clear: something has to change In the education system. toobrain starts there where very often stops the conventional teaching and thus forms a positive alternative. We see us as competition, but as a complement and extension to the school. This innovative learning portal is probably unique in its kind and the establishment. Learn more on the subject from Frank Ntilikina.

With the help of instructional videos, school subjects are explained here picked up and straightforward and concise. At David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA you will find additional information. All users are urged to make diligent suggestions for improvement and to make their own custom learning videos as service portal. We see one of the biggest problems in the communication of education: teachers and pupils speak rarely the same language – the worlds are too far apart. The education portal toobrain will therefore make learning for students attractive and they reach there, where school often neglected. The everyday life of students is now strong by the fast Communication and the high media consumption. But instead of constantly to denounce it, you should use this potential for a better education. It aims to establish long term a community toobrain, which actively discusses about the posts, because only constructive criticism of users helps to improve the contributions and the related videos. A close cooperation with schools and other educational institutions is intended to ensure the educational success. In addition to the learning portal, a read value education magazine for high school students will emerge, which deals with other interesting topics such as lifestyle and culture in addition to the theme of “Education”. Birk Gruling

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German University College

Training program for specialists and executives and specialists has a new offering for specialist and managerial staff and specialists the German College for prevention and health management. Now, it offers master in health management in addition to the four dual Bachelor in the study economics of fitness, fitness training, nutrition counseling and health management and the master degree course”six College continuing education. The training program gives all interested professionals the opportunity to acquire skills to selected subject areas. The training packages cover complete topic areas, which can be directly used in professional practice. The continuing education program of the German college students not only can their knowledge expand prevention, fitness, and health of the College, but also executives and specialists of the industry of the future, deepen or acquire specific knowledge in a new area of expertise. The participants in the Training will receive highly topical and practical skills at the highest level. Also during the training you will benefit from the many advantages of college study, because here a correspondence course is also combined with compact presence phases in the study centres of the University. This means for you: informed and developed specifically for the distance learning content support by the tutors of the College are compact presence phases in the various study centres In the framework of University continuing education professional qualification training packages offered.

These packages cover comprehensively a subject field and thus ensure that you can immediately work with the acquired competences in the professional practice. For this reason, each training package includes several individual modules which complement each other. To deepen your knowledge step by step and have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and other participants during the training again. Within the attendance phases the contents developed previously in the distance are transmitted through exercises, role plays and case studies into practice. Through this combination, you can reach more than just knowledge with a college education, you will receive a direct action skills. “Following College continuing education are offered: business leaders in health systems Gesundheitsorientierte nutrition consulting Gesundheitsorientiertes group training Gesundheitsorientiertes fitness training, health-promoting lifestyle intervention health promotion in living environments the College continuing education business leaders in health systems” is suitable e.g.

for sport scientists / teachers who like to want to acquire expertise in corporate governance. Or for the already responsible people assume managerial responsibilities in a gym or the Studio heads are and for their activity want to acquire additional expertise. The College further education health promotion in life-worlds “is interesting for example for dietitians, the are like additional know-how in the Health promotion in various settings such as school or kindergarten want to acquire. Or Bachelor’s degree in economics of fitness who wish to expand their knowledge in health management from the study and deepen, perhaps for occupational health management tasks? The admission to the College continuing education program of the German University are: Abitur/Matura or qualification, master or a qualification recognized as equivalent (such as fitness specialist or specialist for prevention and health promotion), or at least three years relevant professional experience. People can still be admitted on request can make credible through submission of certificates or other means, that they have acquired knowledge, skills and experiences which justify admission to a College of further education.

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NLP Is Far More Than Dry Theory

NLP Neurolinguistic programming helps to improve communication in the interpersonal area, or the so-called NLP was launched in 1970 by the well-known psychologist Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder in the life. Sam Mikulak is full of insight into the issues. The basic idea of NLP refers to the improvement of the own social competence through a targeted learning of better interpersonal communication. This learning process includes the change of thinking obtaining by detecting wrong behaviors that can lead to a negative perception of an individual in society and the ability more freedom and self-confidence. In our day and age, the personal appearance and appearance with all its facets is an important component, which can contribute to the success or failure of a person. Lack of self-confidence is often regarded as a lack of competence. Today you must sell well not only in employment but also in the private life”can to be successful. The time of the grey mice is definitely over.

A profound NLP training provides the Learn new tactics and methods for improving personal interpersonal communication, which brought not only a better self motivation of the students, but is also an exemption from existing constraints. Resolve conflicts, not alien determined, but according to their own ideas to make your own life, are not only more confidence but ensures a charismatic aura in the profession and in the private sector. Participation in an NLP seminar is not only a step in a free, happy and successful life, but takes us into a world of the magic of a very special kind. NLP seminars is available in different levels of training, can choose from every man for himself. In addition to the basic training and the practitioner, the master also is highly recommended course. He is also as a basis for the NLP coach training course can be started after a successful completion of the master. After each course, participants receive a certificate, the him his skills and Powers confirmed.

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