Modern Life

It is well known that in modern life we are accompanied constantly, more or less annoying noises (conditioners aires, washing machine, sirens, alarms, truck, etc.) who constantly accompany us in what we do. All this coupled with anxiety daily due to the lack of time and the bustle of the routine makes the ghosts of hum caused by tinnitus worse increasingly and this disease becomes increasingly common. Connect with other leaders such as Doug McMillon here. While there is no cure, the specialists in the subject claim that you have been a very big step in recent years in terms of treatments for tinnitus. There is currently a device of Australian origin that is similar to an MP3 player and according to the experiences of tinnitus patients, manages to mask the hum alleviating anxiety which causes this disorder. With two hours of use for a period of 6 months the tinnitus would find relief, and this is well clarified it since one of the most notable problems of previous treatments was of the same duration.

Prior to this treatment periods were estimated from between 18 and 24 months, which caused a general discouragement in patients. Other earlier devices had hearing aids way but people showed himself reluctant to use them, since they sometimes feel that it can make difficult things in their career development. There are two other types of treatments for very new tinnitus. One is the surgical implantation of electrodes and another is by magnetic stimulation. Both treatments have the same objective; interrupting faulty brain signals that are cause of tinnitus. What we’re able to say is that the most promising treatments are those based on discoveries executed on neuronal activity of persons suffering from such a disorder. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, please Click here.

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The Students

The academic performance of the students is limited with a tendency to low ratings, this generates conflicts between parents and children, since the students think that their parents require them much and parents believe that their children do not strive (are stupid), creating a circle of concern and emotional destabilization in households. It is not fair that the age more happy children, childhood and growth, this fenced bad times when studying, doing unhappy these years of life, since you see the study as a cause of scolding and ill-treatment by parents teachers and society in general, if do not teach you to study not you can scold them for that reason dale tools and will have a happy student and a grateful son. Students have to spend long hours of study on the preparation of exams and lessons, because who can’t study to reach a proper understanding or a reasoned memorization of knowledge. There is a direct connection between knowledge and its practical application, making the students lose interest in the topics of study. Teachers are making additional efforts to try to improve the teaching process, without mostly satisfactory results.

There is with interactive tools that promote self-learning in a friendly manner and within an appropriate technological environment. There is the need for a methodology validated for our educational environment. From there that there is a need to improve the way of teaching and study in children and adolescents, creating an effective habit since basic education elementary school to build solid foundations for their integral development. Thus arises the decision of Foundation quality Ecuador to promote the pilot project for the Application of techniques of study, learning methods and tools Mnemotecnicas of educational support and perform his validation as a methodology of work to learn how to study. We deeply believe in the fact that by providing quality education, will be developing the foundations for a future of prosperity and progress.

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Girls I already identified by the activities of relaxation, meditation, yoga, messages of reflection, and the accompaniment that until today I have provided in search of his true nature. Concepts like spirituality are spoken with great naturalness in classes as well as other concepts of holistic education. In festivals when they imitate the masters, to my me always represented with the super teacher who guides them in search of their inner; I and that a. personally I like very much, because it gives me elements to realize how students see my work. Holistic education me has allowed be better humans, better master, feel more secure, and at the same time develop in all areas of my life.

I am convinced that a genuine holistic education recognizes and includes the spiritual aspect of human life. My purpose, as teacher is to describe a perspective from which words holistic, spiritual, a teacher can be redefined and United again without contradiction or confusion but is important for the inner life of each one. Education, to be holistic, must have an awareness of meaning of the life beyond the subject of the matter of the curriculum and beyond the immediate circumstances of poverty, ethnic issues, and even disability. In the broad holistic perspective, we always find the spiritual in humans. At this age of my life I realize aesthetics in nature and music have given me a spiritual basis for life can we expect in adapting education to the spiritual inner life of the child, can we expect to educate to a child, since his inner child’s spiritual life cannot be enabled by lessons or language. This part of the child is private and personal. This is the only place where the full range of the individual difference of one can be fully accepted. For the inner life of one is aesthetics, the (symbolic) sacred representation of the nature itself.

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