Powerful Means Against Gray Linen

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed freshness and cleanliness signaled his customers of white clothing. A bright white shirt at a business meeting or a nice white lace lingerie is always impression. Foggy there do not fit into the image, but often cannot be avoided despite good care. About ways to back an impressive white linen receives, informed the laundry laundry”from Bonn. Randall Rothenberg has many thoughts on the issue. So everything is again Pearl: already in advance you can do something to prevent a rapid greying of textiles.

For example, with a proper sorting of laundry. White linen should be always separately and never together with colored linen washed. A tried and tested home remedies for removal of Grauschleiern from white linen is baking soda. You simply wash gives a bag baking soda to the wash and wash it as usual with the detergent typically used. Another tool is vinegar. Michael J. Bender usually is spot on. Simply soak the fabrics in some diluted vinegar or stir the vinegar to the final rinse. Soda powder is similar to baking soda. It is sufficient to put one teaspoon of detergent.

Often, multiple wash cycles are necessary, until a result is obtained. Washing soda is environmentally friendly and can be used in the entire budget. Just a spoonful of washing soda and the linen is white again. Salt is an economical home remedy for snow-white linen because it is in stock in every household. It is simply given in the washing machine. Wants to know who treated his clothes in a gentle and professional way, are these the best in cleaning. It knows about treating all textiles. Information about the care and treatment of textiles is the laundry laundry”from Bonn at any time at the disposal. Press contact de Waschkusch contact: Susanne Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63 email: Homepage:

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Bar Refaeli! The Top Model From Israel

Germany talks about bar Refaeli! Bar Refaeli in Germany! Bar Refaeli visited Germany in recent weeks, along with her boyfriend Leonardo Di Caprio. She traveled across the country to, for example, to open a Tommy Hilfinger store. It has dream, catlike eyes, success and a famous man on their side. The girlfriend of Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio has managed it! Supermodel bar Refaeli is going for the big, as for example Louis Vuitton’ and has big advertising contracts in the bag of “Tommy Hilfinger”. She was already twice on the cover of the swim Suite Edition of sports illustrated, also she graced the covers of Elle, GQ, as also many other major magazines. Recently she flirted but disagree on the Berlinale so much that already came rumors of her imminent wedding in circulation – bar is: I think still not to marry. I’m still young, still no 25 “.” But the top model bar Refaeli mixed Germany even further on! She was Star guest at the opening of a Tommy Hilfinger store in Frankfurt and visited VIVA for a two-hour interview. Stressed them how nice she the Germans found and revealed is her biggest role model in the fashion world – Heidi Klum. It is sure that we will hear much from her! Bar Refaeli:…

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