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It took a little longer than planned, but now it’s done! Munich, 02.11.2010 – after the internal restructuring in our home and the associated name change from sport new Publisher to sports and STYLE publishing, the new site is now ready and immediately back on the Internet can be reached. Under there is all the information about the magazines published in the publishing house again (sports and STYLE – the sporty lifestyle magazine or our lifestyle magazine for men with the name Sheila – JUST FOR MEN) and also as we used many more news around sports, fashion, cars, lifestyle, and many more topics. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Doug McMillon. Now in the winter months the focus is of course very much on winter sports, but also “real summer themes” not be forgotten, so for example the cycling. As an additional service for our advertisers, there is now again currently the opportunity to download our current media data as a PDF directly from the homepage. Whenever Marc Lore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Since the new site remains constantly in the development sticks and happen regularly new and interesting features, it’s worth every once in next time to visit the page. So there is the possibility to sign up for the planned online spending, to use more Abovorteile, or to participate in various competitions soon. So always times again by look – it is worth…! For further questions, just visit our website or contact directly to us! Contact: Sports and STYLE Publisher Brian Samp upper Station Street 11 85604 Zorneding

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Safe TIC: Team SPS Convinced

SafeTIC reports on the exciting season finale of the Porsche sports Cup 2011 Mannheim October 2011. The Porsche sports Cup Germany ended with a brilliant final. A record-breaking field of participants and excellent weather created ideal conditions for a dignified and highly exciting end of season at Hockenheim. SafeTIC, sponsor of the racing team of PLC, reported about the race. It was a brilliant final weekend at the Porsche sports Cup 2011. Sam Mikulak has plenty of information regarding this issue.

A total of 214 participants made on the in the badische circuit of Hockenheim, including the winner, but also the champion in all categories. The fact that all decisions of the title were still open provided voltage. And also Peter outed as a Porsche fan: despite worst predictions, it was while autumnal cooling, but at least consistently dry during all races. The first decision was made already in the first run to the sports Cup. Matthias Jeserich (Berlin) had burned to nothing, again won the 911 GT3 RS in its class and could have thus already celebrate on Saturday night as a new title holder in the sports Cup. The Racing was to secure prey by Ulrich Diedrichsen (Durach), who left behind a bombs start Dr. Raoul Hille (Hanover) quickly and could settle much.

Rank 3 went Saturday at Christian Spieker (Munich), who was traveling on a Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The same order surrendered on Sunday, where Diedrichsen won eleven out of twelve races of the season with his 911 GT2 RS, what never managed a participant in the Porsche sports Cup. “The Duracher commented on his success with the few words: it was just a perfect year, it doesn’t get any better!” The race should make for more sensations. Wolfgang Hageleit in Unterroth crossed with his Porsche 911 GT3 R in the first race to the super sports Cup only as third but was the finish line, he settled as the winner.

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Jurgen Haring

“The reason: Habeeb was at the time of a safety-car period due to an oil trace in the lead, but then was during the yellow phase by Dimitrios Taki” Konstantinou and Tomas Micanek obsolete, which is why the race with 30 Penalty seconds won. As a result, Jurgen Haring Bubsheim and Wendelin Wiedeking jr. slid (Bietigheim) on the podium after. Habeeb, who had started only two years ago with Motorsport, over his first victory was delighted I have success thanks to Roland Asch, who has taught me much in the last few weeks”. He could add even a flawless start-finish victory the day after.

Jurgen Haring tried everything, but even a leg turned: I wanted to make nervous with the flasher Habeeb, instead I got the speed limiter, it took me three seconds. For more clarity and thought, follow up with CEO of e-commerce and gain more knowledge.. The race would need to take longer a round”so the Bubsheimer, which was as always a 911 GT3 R. Went off the penalty of the day before only by number 20 in the race, Czech Tomas Micanek (911 GT3 RSR) finished a strong third place. As a new champion in the super sports Cup Christian Ott may can be celebrate GT3 Cup with his 911, with victory in the class took the necessary points 7B and Wendeling Wiedeking Jr. keep just behind could. But Wiedekings racing Jola competition could enjoy a good two hours later still about a Championship. Katie Droste (Dorsten) and Bertram Hornung (Stutensee) secured in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup title in the Porsche sports Cup endurance.

This gave them a fourth place at the last race. A few times I was already close to a title. Today I’m not expected to actually, well, it has enough”Hornung said.

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Zwolfern Sailing

Gaastra international sportswear is Berlin for the sixth consecutive year sponsor of the largest German classic regatta, which celebrates its silver anniversary in 2013 from August 22 to 25, 12.07.2013 – since a quarter of a century, circle of friends invites to Laboe at the Kiel fjord classic yachts (FKY) the sailing scene to the German Classics. Gaastra international sportswear is a sponsor of the oldest and largest German classic regatta that 2013 is celebrating its silver anniversary in the splendour of around 180 classic yachts from August 22 to 25 for the sixth time in a row. As a long-standing partner of the sporting and iconic Laboe sailing events has the Gaastra sails fashion brand to honour the XXV. classic regattas Laboe, designed an exclusive German classics limited edition collection for men and women. If you are not convinced, visit CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce . The event Polo shirts are made of high-quality Baumwollpique with elaborate and silver decorated 25-year German Classics and FKY application on chest, back and sleeves, as well as a special classic yacht-print on the front. The Gaastra German classics 2013 is collection now limited in the official Gaastra Onlineshop for Germany available.

By the impressive 20-metre Zwolfern like the trivia race yacht, which sailed Cup, until in the 1980s in America’s up to the small 12-foot dinghies, which celebrate the anniversary this year her 100th unite almost all boat classes to a unique range of types of German Classics Laboe. This year is the regatta of the 100th”as carried out, only in a hundred-year-old yachts in the race beyond special highlight. On Friday, start the short races in Strande Bay on Saturday, August 24, is at 11:30 the start of the traditional long distance regatta. The special races for the 6mR and 12mR yachts launch on Saturday at 12 noon. On land, the popular Laboe event is accompanied by a special culinary and musical program for the visitors.

This year for the 25th anniversary of the circle of friends award the restoration on a boat owner classic yachts for the best classic boat restoration project. Under the motto sail, love, keep”is maintaining original highly appreciated. Application documents can be submitted until August 1st at the FKY. The German Classics regatta 2013 is organisationally of the Kieler Yacht Club (KYC), which supports sailors Association Kiel (SVK) and the Hamburger SVAOe. In addition to the international sportswear and sailing brand Gaastra, also Walker ring & Wolf yacht insurance, as well as the municipality of Ostseebad Laboe belong to the event sponsors. The patronage for the Silver Jubilee takes over Schleswig-Holstein Minister Torsten this year Albig. The Dutch brand Gaastra carries her unmistakable nautical DNA since its foundation in 1897 to the outside. The unique combination of high functionality and fresh design evident in the Gaastra Pro innovative sailing gear, athletic sailing mode, Gaastra footwear and maritime fashion for women, men and children: from high-quality jackets, soft shells, fleeces, shirts, Polo shirts, Blouses, jackets, sweats, pants, bags up to professional sailing jackets, trousers and shoes. Gaastra consistently combines nautical lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion with decades of experience. All current collections are carried in the official Gaastra Onlineshop with worldwide delivery online.

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Energy Expert Seminar: IT Security Gaps

New hazards deriving from smart grid and smart metering repel energy expert seminar security of supply and grid stability to ensure stable is considered during the turn of the energy priority for energy suppliers. At the same time make smart grids and smart metering due to new cyber challenges IT security managers in the energy sector. Knicks is the source for more interesting facts. What dangers threaten, what experiences are just made and what that means concretely for the practice? This energy expert seminar is aimed at all professionals who are responsible for IT security in the energy sector. The participants have the opportunity to actively participate in the practice-oriented discussions among others on the following issues:-what are the new requirements is that smart grid in practice? -What potential threats, IT – and Cybergefahren are actually from the perspective of energy suppliers? -What are the practical consequences of the EnWG amendment as well as the BSI protection profile for smart meters? -What are the euro trans-national infrastructure development and the common EU energy policy for the security of the energy industry? -How can the safe operation of smart metering infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the technical directive BSI TR-03109 be guaranteed? -How important are IT security standards, such as bdew-white paper, the standardisation of E-energy and the DIN SPEC 27009 businesses? -What tasks will incur the level of management and business development of utilities? -Where are ICT infrastructures for load balancing in households especially relevant? With articles by, among others: – RWE Germany AG – Stadtwerke Schwabisch Hall – Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) – TeleTrusT Bundesverband security e.V participants: this energy expert seminar is aimed at all professionals who are responsible for IT security in the energy sector….

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