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Of the three cited methods above, the method of confrontation and the global method is based on the metodolgico principle global-functionary, thus being the partial method in the analytical-synthetic principle. For GRECO (1998). The function of all methodology of teach-learning-training is to provide to the individual (that it does not obtain ' ' desenvolver' ' one determined action) the ways, ways and tools that facilitate and become possible the attainment of a new level of income. Sam Mikulak may help you with your research. The choice of the method of adequate teach-learning-training is one of the most important pedagogical supports that the professor can offer its pupils. Accurately for, in the opinion of the professors and trainers, the search of fast results in little time and social prestige, the model of traditionally adopted training in the half esportivo in such a way in the esportiva initiation how much in the perfectioning of the technique he is the analytical-synthetic one, of certain form imposed for the trend of if espelhar in the model practised in the sport of high level. 3PRINCPIO PARTIAL ANALTICO-SINTTICO OR the analytical-synthetic model is centered in the development of the abilities techniques.

From the analysis of the esportiva performance of the considered players experts, constructs an ideal model of the abilities to be learned for the beginning ones. However, in function of the degree of complexity and the level of difficulty, the abilities need to be divided in beddings technician (in the soccer, for example, we have: kick, pass, dribble), that they must be learned, initially, are of the game context, for, later, to be gradually applied to the real situations of game. In the measure where he extends the domain of the abilities techniques, the players, in thesis, make use of better resources to face the situation-problem of tactical character gifts in the game (Greco, 1998). Until middle of the decade of 1990 literature on the esportivizados collective games (collective sports) was established in the analytical-synthetic principle that presented as its main method of education of the collective sports the partial method.

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