The Milky Way

Substances that exist in the universe are composed of molecules of one or more elements, as well as of their derivatives. The next step was to create a space systems like our solar. The union of cosmic forces of several systems into a coherent whole represents a galaxy. The Milky Way is our galaxy. Considering the microcosm and the world in which we live, we find many similarities in their construction. For example, our solar system on a global scale can be represented as an atom.

The sun, a kind of atomic nucleus, and the planets orbiting the Sun in orbit determination and a certain speed like electrons between the Sun and planets, between the planets themselves, as well as between planets and their satellites in the force. At the core of these forces are still the same positive and negative components. Further, we consider the device of the galaxy. By analogy it is similar to the molecule only in contrast to her, in her great amount of space mud, ie, underutilized products Great cosmic explosion. The universe can be represented as the body of an unknown shape or generally not having any. Created by the system, the planets, their satellites initially may not be suitable for the emergence of life on them. Reasons for a wide variety. This lack of or insufficient amounts of oxygen, hydrogen, methane, other gases, and the required elements. In addition, improper temperature does not correspond to the pressure. Not possible to create an appropriate atmosphere, and much more.

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