The Spatial

"X" receives the force of "Y" at a time "Y" receives the rest of "X" if we accept that the rest is also a force. The action is "Y" the reaction is "X". as "X" was the movement of "Y" the latter will receive the rest of "X" so the forces are harmonized. Which makes the action is similar to the reaction. When they collide action and reaction, form a single force that is: the "hideous" This shows that X also has the same action on "Y" and "Y" rest on the same "X". act similarly the spatial positions.

Now. Both passive and active area should acquire the same distance but their addresses are different. When one of the two becomes more remote areas, is due to the electromagnetic field that affects the place of space. This friction of the field against the electromagnetic field is responsible for the difference in distance. There will be places on earth where this phenomenon does not affect the distances. The relationship some abstractions are developed logical methods. Following the outcome of the reason is straightforward.

Similarly the ideal entities are related to material forms. This movement was called by "Plato" and "UNITY." Example: we have two entities, the material and ideal in its entirety. The ideal is "to be" the material will "complement. "Being at rest which does not say that this still. The "complement" is in motion. When the "add" achieved through sense perception and intuition The straight line representing the union and understanding of the ideal sphere.

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