The Stomach

And I no matter how much curro satisfaction nonreceipt, on the contrary, he is offensive that to the clumsy one they call donkey to him, it said this one with sadness and I say, if she is thus why they remember me, if I have as much head. Then although I am not fierce with great violence I attack and my name is as I mark: I am the cojonera fly and to my they transmit it name to that it gives to much the tin and it is so speaking in silver in palabrotas they compete. To that he is bad too much they call viper immediately and you hold or you go away that it is the sorrow mine, the viper in weeping said dragging its bones, that on the Earth it is becoming causing in this way fright. What to understand I no I arrive he is if submissive is a man they call to him like my name and to thus they call lamb him, the lamb said bleating while it walked and the stomach filled, that also it was grazing. To see if of sometimes the triviality finishes of which people died just as a fish dies the fish says, that now touches to him, then the people who die one dies reason why she will be and not always by the mouth. Although very fast I am they call dolphin to me and although it says that plin sometimes very sad I am to want to be first, since by my rapidity it would not lose once nor, it comments with despair.

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