Time Running

IS running over time because it is somewhat inevitable, discovers truths, motives and reasons. We think we have the certainties of things and us doubt induced by facts that sometimes tiny they come at a time be, a reason to understand, that everything that has light does not allow clarity, everything lights up does not cover all the space and we realize that love, it is desire above all thingsdeliver the simple way something simple and complex: the feelings, which are interpreted by different ways different stages and different aspirations. I’LL TAKE YOU WITH ME. I’ll take with me, the sadness wanting to cover it all, so nobody ever feel it. I’ll take with me, melancholy pretending to make me owner of it so nobody else hurt. I’ll take me with me everything evil, as evil even if I is one only; but somehow its extension desgarrare I’ll take with me the pain, it will not be at all; but be sure that I will make you some tear.

I’ll take with me, so never anyone smite the things ugly, cruel cursed and perverse that today have this life with you. I’ll take with me, and nothing. Love anything calls, nothing expected. It is delivered as it reaches the soul and thought becomes an endless sigh that has its reason in the good sense. Love is being willing to face any battle not filled with anger, but take with you that illusion in the eye, that melody that comes open in any sound lute strings. The little courage to many for not expressing themselves, I love night love night which is capable of storing many silences, of being an accomplice to all, sometimes of the good; but also of the perverse. I love the night can give inspiration to the madness of the verses, feel your breeze that makes us understand infinite things, love the night in which I gave the heart that I have, I love the night where I had to cry your absence for life without my wanting it.

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