Adalar Running

Worthy end of training will relay. Combining the steeplechase and the power of motion, we will achieve excitement and interest in children, thus producing their coordination and strength training. I'm doing it this way: on the basis of already completed training, you can determine what kind of children, poor, and which is stronger. Divide the children into two teams so that corresponds to the first member of the forces of his opponent. This is to ensure that children feel the spirit of competition. Because if a strong rookie forward escape, the weak are likely to deem no longer need to spend more effort to quickly overcome the obstacles. A running line can be arranged as follows: supply shops, or something resembling a steppe for aerobics in front of the Swedish stairs or horizontal bar for each team separately. Exercises for the relay, using a simple and not complicated, such as jumping on two feet, jumping out of a deep sit down with jumping, push-ups, pull-ups, press.

Example: on command the attention of the march begins with three push-ups, running to the bench to make it three after the jump on two legs left and right, running to Swedish wall, make three times the press, then make a pull-up on the bar twice, going down to the bottom (always let slazit, rather than jumping to avoid injury) and running back to back on the bench. If the party had stumbled, he should quickly return to the top of the previous exercise and go through it cleanly. Monitors the quality of the exercises, because in excitement for children and a top speed to win, but you still need them to perform general physical burden on certain groups of muscles. If the child is not done any exercise during the relay, let Do this exercise in amounts 3-4 times greater than proposed during the "race" to science! For more interest and excitement, which won the team can "shoot" lost ball (I use a ball for tennis). In order to avoid a bounce ball, Line up children at a safe distance, allowing for a single attempt at "Shot". And believe me, the emotions and excitement will abound! On my site You can not only read other articles, but also to see catalog hooks for climbing gym, which we ourselves make and sell.

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