Basic Exercise

While the calf of an amazingly strength and power, soleus is characterized by remarkable endurance. Because of it you can run a marathon or play a whole half of football. Than enduring this muscle, the longer you can stay on their feet without resting, and the longer the distance to overcome. 6. muscle / Basic Exercise / Construction of bulk calf Technique Become a trainer for the ups on your toes and substitute the shoulders under the platen. Put paw feet on the platform so that the heel sits behind its edge and can freely descend and ascend the highest possible amplitude. Socks, sneakers almost dissolved in the hand or in parallel.

Completely Straighten your legs and torso. Heels, hips and shoulders are in one vertical plane. Straightening the ankle, slowly descend on the heels up until you feel the Achilles tendon and calf muscles maximally stretched. Take a deep breath and, holding breath, tense your calf and a powerful movement rise up on toes as high as possible. In the upper breakpoint for 1-2 seconds, and try as much as possible to strain your calves. Slightly relax and exhale slowly go down. Tips Pause at the lowest point only if your goal – to improve the elasticity and flexibility of Achilles tendon and ankle. To maximum load the calf muscles, do not stop at the lowest point – once felt that calves taut as a string, immediately begins to climb up on his toes. At the top point must stop and extra effort even more strain your calf – the only way to achieve their maximum contraction.

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