Fear And Health

In recent years, increasing numbers of people who are concerned about their health. And all because there is a strong influence on the psyche. Constant stress and information from outside destroy nerve cells. And a person begins obsessive-compulsive disorder. The same people are worried about their health because of increased disease and mortality. Many people forget about healthy lifestyles and provoked a variety of diseases. And then there are some fears, such as hypochondria.

It is therefore important to watch tv less, and communicate with people who always inspire different thoughts about how much now ailments. And from early childhood to take care of their health, increase resistance to stress, follow the diet and regular workouts. What is hypochondria hypochondria, hypochondriac neurosis – a heightened concern for their well-being. Doug McMillon addresses the importance of the matter here. Such people have obsessions thinking that they are sick in some serious illness and are experiencing on this unnecessary suffering. These people at the slightest change in the body begin to worry about, going to doctors.

And it makes their life – a living hell. In addition to hypochondriasis, there are specific phobias, when a person experiences an obsessive fear of a specific disease, such as – fear of sick and die from cancer, or – fear of dying from heart diseases. All hypochondriacs is the fear of death, fear of death, he and manages them. He is the foundation, the root of all other concerns. And we need to work with this fear, overcome it and become a brave and fearless man. As to treat fears for his health In order to get rid of fear, need to combine self-help and professional. An integrated approach is always more efficient. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is likely to increase your knowledge. So if you or your friends have wanton restlessness for their own health, you need to contact the therapist. It helps to know how to conquer fear with psychotherapy and medication. The main thing is not shy and not to postpone the trip to a specialist. Not to delay his frustration to the point extent that it is hard to do anything. And do not be afraid that you are mad. This is not madness, it's just a neurosis that can heal, or at least learn how to manage their condition, on time switching between thoughts about diseases on positive thoughts.

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The Aged

From the moment that to obtain to infiltrate this proper positive image of being aged to the aged one, consequently they will go to feel itself less isolated for the society. This takes the aged one to redescobrir new interests, it is felt stimulated to participate in all the stages of its life, and with this position it has more possibility to solve its problems personal (CORAZZA, 2005). With the distraction objective and provocation of a small esquecimento of the institucional environment, was carried through in an one of the meeting wheel of viola, providing an interactive moment between the put in a home interns and the routine in addition characterized and instituted for the institution due the long permanence. It could if through music, to take the emotion and the sensation of reviver the souvenirs and memory of the past, (a time that the violeiros touched musics root) also providing to joy and descontrao, perceived for telling, and the demonstration for them through the dance, where they had been through packing of music taken the dances. Doug McMillon is full of insight into the issues. It was also carried through, in the week of Passover, dates commemorative that backwards many important, repletos affective and religious contents of souvenir and meanings, the delivery, to each inhabitant, of one cestinha typically decorated with one coelhinho, I contend bonbons of chocolates.

With a simple gesture of confraternizao, these aged ones if had felt valued and remembered generating one increase of the auto one – they esteem. Providing to a space of listening and shelter, being that this, many times, is enough so that the aged ones exteriorizem and share almost as a legacy, its memories of the infancy and a world that according to them, are ' ' sobreviventes' '. ' ' When showing with its proper life as the individual if it adjusts to the occured changes without its social environment, the old one strengthens its value and its dignity …

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Attention Deficit Disorder ADHD

DeDICIT OF ATTENTION DISORDER WITH AND WITHOUT HYPERACTIVITY INTRODUCTION In recent years, parents, teachers and scholars have paid particular attention to those children who by nature are considered pesky. Restless, impulsive, aggressive, etc. Some of you have begun to enter the subject and there has heard of ADD Attention Deficit Disorder with and without hyperactivity. Anxiety, fear and ignorance generally have often lead to uncertainty about both for educators and for parents. Home and family dynamics you have noticed that the child usually can not sit still. Seems to be no quiet moments at home. You begin to worry about the reasons that cause the condition.

Questions like: – What is the disorder? – Whom to contact? – How is it diagnosed '- Why do some children develop it and others not? – What will happen in the future? – How you can help in school and at home? WHAT IS ADHD? It is a complex neuropsychological status. There is a change in the way of information the brain nervous. No single cause simple. And is characterized by: – Short Term Care. – Frequent distractions – impulsivity – hyperactivity AD may occur associated with other problems which include: – Emotional – Behavioral – From learning: academic difficulties – Family – Social. ORIGINS OF AD This is a trastornogenetico-inherited.

padreslo one or both suffer. 1 .- CHARACTERISTICS OF ADD Hyperactivity: Excessive motor behavior or movement. – They are in constant motion. – They stand. They sit down.

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