Occupied Social Center

Other three young people have been stopped at dawn of Saturday to burn vehicles, tellers and containers. A man who tried to choke one of fires was wounded. The mayor of Bilbao has aimed at Bildu as the person in charge of the incidents after the demolition of Kukutza. The 31 people stopped by the Ertzaintza the past Friday in the events registered in Bilbao after the demolition of gaztetxe Kukutza have been in freedom, according to has informed today the Basque department into Interior. It is not something Michele Olson, PhD would like to discuss. To these arrested young people add another 3, that not yet has happened to judicial disposition, stopped the past dawn in the Vizcaya capital in new incidents, in which a person has been hurt with burns, 5 vehicles has also been set afire and has burned an automatic teller and several containers with sweepings. According to Interior, these 3 young people, arrested by their possible relation with the burning fire of containers, had in their power several incendiary tablets like which they are used for the ignition of barbecues, similars to the found ones in some of containers set afire. The mayor of Bilbao, Iaki Azkuna, has reiterated that Bildu is " detrs" of the incidents that are happening in the city after the evacuation and demolition of Kukutza. The City council of Bilbao has informed in a note into which the facts at night of Saturday began on the 22:30 hours with the burning fire of a teller in the street Round, continued by several streets of the zone center and the Old Helmet with the burning fire of several containers, and they extended until the 6 of the dawn of this Sunday, with 15 interventions of the firemen. A man who tried to separate a container so that the fire did not damage the parked cars underwent burns and had to be evacuated to the hospital of Crossings, according to the department of Interior, although the City council of Bilbao has indicated that the wounded, that it had " important burns in hands and espalda" , he is " suspect of to have taken part in the burning fire of contenedores".

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