The Milky Way

Substances that exist in the universe are composed of molecules of one or more elements, as well as of their derivatives. The next step was to create a space systems like our solar. The union of cosmic forces of several systems into a coherent whole represents a galaxy. The Milky Way is our galaxy. Considering the microcosm and the world in which we live, we find many similarities in their construction. For example, our solar system on a global scale can be represented as an atom.

The sun, a kind of atomic nucleus, and the planets orbiting the Sun in orbit determination and a certain speed like electrons between the Sun and planets, between the planets themselves, as well as between planets and their satellites in the force. At the core of these forces are still the same positive and negative components. Further, we consider the device of the galaxy. By analogy it is similar to the molecule only in contrast to her, in her great amount of space mud, ie, underutilized products Great cosmic explosion. The universe can be represented as the body of an unknown shape or generally not having any. Created by the system, the planets, their satellites initially may not be suitable for the emergence of life on them. Reasons for a wide variety. This lack of or insufficient amounts of oxygen, hydrogen, methane, other gases, and the required elements. In addition, improper temperature does not correspond to the pressure. Not possible to create an appropriate atmosphere, and much more.

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Aconcagua Provincial Park

In Mendoza, the winter tourism defeats cold. The lovers of nature and outdoor sports will find varied reasons to enjoy the Cuyo province during the winter months than in the hottest of summers. The ski season runs from June to September, but the calendar of activities of snow is not exhausted in the practice of this traditional discipline. Tourism in Mendoza gives the unique possibility to combine sport, culture and beautiful landscapes in any chosen destination. Thus, the more traditional ones such as Los Penitentes or Las Lenas ski slopes, added to its appeal the proximity of some of the major wineries in the province, with its wide range of tours, excursions and tastings. Something similar happens with the Aconcagua Provincial Park, home of the mythical giant Andean. Only 3 km away.

Rises Aconcagua Ski Snow Park, a center of skiing developed exclusively for beginners in the discipline. Located just east of the Inca bridge, at an altitude of 2635 Mts, is the ideal place for those who choose their holidays in Mendoza for those who start in this. The Park school specializing in beginners of all ages, offering a program of 2 hours each, ski lessons so that they feel safe in their first attempts in the tracks. Aconcagua ski gives skiers also all the necessary equipment: sleds, boots, skis and Poles are for rent at the Park school. Aconcagua Ski Snow Park has 4 tracks, one exclusively for sleds and other 3 for advanced beginners and novice skiers. But this small snow park, as it happens with every Center of tourism in Mendoza, also knows very well capitalize the closeness with the magic Hill that lends the name. From Aconcagua ski depart in season walks (or hiking) with racket to the provincial park of the same name.

A distance of 5 Km suitable for variety of ages adventurers and marked by the beauty of a landscape exciting, unique in the world. The excursion, guided by experts of the Aconcagua ski Park, arrives after approximately 2 hours of walk to the Horcones lagoon, frozen during the winter season, to offer participants a mountain snack. And an indelible impression of the nature of the place, wonderful and wild as in few corners of the planet. An experience, no doubt, that is worth living.

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Arthur Web

One of our friendly subscribers did the following question to us: It is possible to even use the advice of the School of Seduction in a girl who talvez has a fianc2e to enamor it and that lets its fianc2e to come with me? Dear friend: The concrete answer to your question is IF. But before singing victory it agrees to remember that in the art of the seduction a ethics code exists, and this establishes not to walk by the world flying to him the fianc2ee to all the mortals. This is only justified if the girl really interests to you for a serious relation and you think that she can be true the great love of your life. In this case nobody has the right to robarte the happiness, not even its fianc2e. If after thinking it seriously you have reached the conclusion that yes it is worth the pain, my recommendation is that you at all costs avoid to express contemptuous commentaries to demonstrate that you are better than its fianc2e or who it is not sufficiently good for her. When thus acting you will only obtain that interprets she it because you feel envy by its pair, consequently it will grow while you literally you you collapse before its eyes. Instead of that d whenever you think he is the correct man for her. The effect imagines that has saying: Juan is the ideal man for you, he is a good man, one hundred percent dedicated to the work.

I admire honestly it because I cannot thus be, likes the contact with the extreme people, sports, the adventure and the trips. In the previous example, you are expressing admiration by its fianc2e, so you do not have envy to him nor you are trying to diminish it. You are placing but it in a context that makes seem boring and cold, whereas you exhibit great qualities alpha that are extremely attractive for the majority of the women. At unconscious level she will compare to you with him and she will find you much more funny and interesting. After to have seeded that seed you would have to say: For that reason it is better than you have by fianc2e to a man like him and not to a man like, you and I never could be together, are too different, would not work.

Thus, now she has compared to you with his fianc2e and finds that you are better, suddenly you to him you put difficult and you become a challenge. When you say You and I never could be together she begins to ask myself because no? After this you will notice that its preference towards you grows. To the point to let to its fianc2e to be with you.

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