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One of our friendly subscribers did the following question to us: It is possible to even use the advice of the School of Seduction in a girl who talvez has a fianc2e to enamor it and that lets its fianc2e to come with me? Dear friend: The concrete answer to your question is IF. But before singing victory it agrees to remember that in the art of the seduction a ethics code exists, and this establishes not to walk by the world flying to him the fianc2ee to all the mortals. This is only justified if the girl really interests to you for a serious relation and you think that she can be true the great love of your life. In this case nobody has the right to robarte the happiness, not even its fianc2e. If after thinking it seriously you have reached the conclusion that yes it is worth the pain, my recommendation is that you at all costs avoid to express contemptuous commentaries to demonstrate that you are better than its fianc2e or who it is not sufficiently good for her. When thus acting you will only obtain that interprets she it because you feel envy by its pair, consequently it will grow while you literally you you collapse before its eyes. Instead of that d whenever you think he is the correct man for her. The effect imagines that has saying: Juan is the ideal man for you, he is a good man, one hundred percent dedicated to the work.

I admire honestly it because I cannot thus be, likes the contact with the extreme people, sports, the adventure and the trips. In the previous example, you are expressing admiration by its fianc2e, so you do not have envy to him nor you are trying to diminish it. You are placing but it in a context that makes seem boring and cold, whereas you exhibit great qualities alpha that are extremely attractive for the majority of the women. At unconscious level she will compare to you with him and she will find you much more funny and interesting. After to have seeded that seed you would have to say: For that reason it is better than you have by fianc2e to a man like him and not to a man like, you and I never could be together, are too different, would not work.

Thus, now she has compared to you with his fianc2e and finds that you are better, suddenly you to him you put difficult and you become a challenge. When you say You and I never could be together she begins to ask myself because no? After this you will notice that its preference towards you grows. To the point to let to its fianc2e to be with you.

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