EAE Business School

/ Average in the whole of Spain expenditure stood in 2010 at 259,62 euros. It was 3% less than the spending recorded in 2009. Galician people consume an average of 332,26 euros in pharmaceuticals; at the opposite extreme, are the inhabitants of Melilla, with 162,26 euros. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sam Mikulak by clicking through. Extremadura, Galicia and Asturias are the autonomous communities with greater public pharmaceutical expenditure per inhabitant, which in the whole of Spain stood last year at 259,62 euros per person, 3% less than in 2009. Thus, the Galicians consume an average of 332,26 euros in pharmaceuticals, followed by the people of Extremadura (322,36 euros) and the Asturian (317,01), according to a study of EAE Business School. At the opposite end, lie the Balearic Islands (198,63 euros) and Madrid (199,49 euros), in addition to the inhabitants of Melilla (162,26) and those of Ceuta (185,52 euros).

The study underlines also that the penetration of generics is uneven. Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia are the communities that use most these drugs, to represent a % 32,85 29,82% and 28.54%, respectively, in total sold drugs. On the contrary, Galicia is the region where the penetration of generics is less (11.09%), followed by Murcia (14,01%) and Canaries (14.4%). Private study expenditure indicates that 63% of generic drugs consumed in Spain are manufactured in the country and contribute 300 million euros annually. With regard to private pharmaceutical spending, the analysis highlights that, in general, g are men more than women, although remain 65 females which consume more in pharmacy, average of 292,49 euros per year. By autonomous communities, the Catalans are those who buy more pharmaceuticals private (176.9 euros per year), ahead of the Valencians (166,89), Navarre (161,29) and Madrid (158,84). Those who spend less are the citizens of Castile – La Mancha (105.69), Asturias (118,85) and Murcia (121.5 euros). Source of the news: Extremadura, Galicia and Asturias, the communities with increased pharmaceutical spending per capita

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Slovan Bratislava

True to his meticulous style, Marcelo Bielsa took Bratislava until the dolls that make barrier for testing direct failures. Perhaps not one he trusts of the opponent. Nothing has changed in the crazy, while you don’t even know victory in League or in Europe and has had to assume errors and faults in some strange decisions for the public of San Mames. Before Slovan Bratislava (19.00, Canal +) began its journey for the Europa League, with the pendulum on the wall. When three matches without a win, increases the need, said yesterday the Argentine coach, before training in Bratislava, but he immediately dismissed concern to the absences of Ander Herrera (operated meniscus) and San Jose (upon the death of his father). I have alternatives to replace them without lower the collective level, he said. Carlos Gurpegui, Captain, repeated the message. We need to win to reaffirm us, to strengthen self-esteem. Source of the news:: Bielsa assumes the State of necessity of Athletic

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Dominguez News

These three players proclaimed champions of Europe u-21. The blaugrana dnsa Gerard Pique and Andoni Iraola are low. Spain played the first match against Chile on September 2 in Switzerland. Vicente de el Bosque soccer national coach has released the list of 24 players summoned for the friendly against Chile and for the qualifying match for Euro 2012 against Liechtenstein where the main novelty is the presence of Alberto Botia (Sporting Gijon), alvaro Dominguez (Atletico de Madrid) and Martinez Montoya (Barcelona B). To lower the blaugrana Gerard Pique dnsa and Andoni Iraola (Athletic Bilbao), salmantino preparer gives the alternative for these two meetings three players who were crowned champions of Europe u-21 in the hands of Luis Milla, what with the presence of Botia, Dominguez and Montoya, with less experience in La Liga, will have up to six champions of Europe in this categoryjoin that Juan Mata, Javi Martinez and Thiago, who remains in the call. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David Delrahim. Midfielder Brazilian, who already played for minutes in the friendly against Italy, agrees well with the senior team, since playing this official qualifying match against Liechtenstein, it would be as linked with the red, once the selection canarinha would like to do with their services a few weeks ago. While returns to this call after the disputed friendly against Italy, Vicente de el Bosque retrieves Cesc Fabregas, that was lost that clash due to injury and call that premieres after your brand signing by FC Barcelona, which is again with nine players the team that more players contributes.

Spain played the first encounter against Chile on September 2 at the stadium AFG Arena of Saint Gallen in Switzerland, while the meeting of classification will be on September 6 at the estadio Las Gaunas in Logrono. On the other hand, Vicente de el Bosque explained that they have been offered two different dates for the concentration of the red, since as he underlined the salmantino it will depend on whether finally there is strike or not in Spanish football.

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Real Madrid

Whites do not regain the field factor and the phase stays 2-1 (68-51). Marko Banic big game with 13 points, 11 rebounds and 20 of valuation. Only Sergio Rodriguez planted face with their 18 points in Bilbao soil. Bizkaia Bilbao Basket takes advantage in the series semifinals, facing him at Real Madrid, after a clear victory (68-51) to a knocked rival and without answers to the tremendous local determination, driven also by the incessant support received from the crowded stands of the Bilbao Arena (2-1). Andrew Morris Lacrosse: the source for more info. The party, the most far-reaching in the history of the biscayan basketball has been very similar to the of two days ago in the magic box to rest but not as spirited reaction in the white set in the second part.

Those from Fotis Katsikaris, which is dominating the tie to his own liking, have made it clear to where they want to go in a season that is already memorable to them and that what happened on Sunday in Madrid was not one day flower. Today have again shown intense, certain and unavailable too much for an opponent who seems to have taken terminated the season and whose image will end up very touched if they don’t cure it, no point to do so, on Thursday in the same court. All local players scored enormous height, since more than statistical, loo relevant in this series always few points being the attitude. And the men in black is exemplary. Although it is true that the performance of Marko Banic, with 13 points, 11 rebounds, 20 of valuation and rescuing his team in the only real hint visitor reaction, has had a special significance in the final score. The triple of Janis Blums (4/7, 12 points) also had its relevance, and the hard work of Aaron Jackson and Axel Hervelle. The Madrid gave symptoms of finished project and players unable to overcome a rival in principle lower pressure, but yes, almost in a State of grace.

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Greyhound Alfonso

Teammate Alfonso Polanco Popular Party has confirmed it. 10 Days ago were cancelled the listeners that performed in the operation Galgo. Palencia athlete Marta Dominguez has given birth to her first child, as confirmed by the PP candidate to the Mayor’s Office of Palencia, Alfonso Polanco, who has expressed that they are very proud of our Marta in PP. Polanco, has indicated to have produced birth in these election dates in which are immersed in the electoral abyss, still not have been able to go to visit officially but it has ensured that they will do so. Yes we have sent a congratulatory message, the PP candidate has secured to the City Council, to give you the congratulations you have added. Alfonso Polanco has also pointed out that they are very happy and excited about everything that is happening to Marta during recent days once the judge who instructs the Greyhound case declared null and void eavesdropping to Marta Dominguez, among others. In addition, last week the City Council announced that Marta Dominguez will have a sculpture homage in the vicinity of the Pavilion of the Palencia capital that bears his name. Source of the news: the athlete Marta Dominguez gives birth to her first child.

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Harassment Of Spanish Debt Touches Highs After The European Summit

The effect of threats of rating agencies remains very often instantaneous and devastating. It was enough that Moody s adviertiera with lower the note of the major Italian banks to scupper attempts at recovery with that amagaban first time main financial indicators. Gain insight and clarity with Walmart. Shortly thereafter, the meagre results of the European Summit to channel the debt of Greece have been been sufficient to eliminate any mirage. At the close of the stock markets in Europe, all the indexes were flat or falling (the IBEX 35 has been 1.31%, until 9.812 integers, its lowest level since January 11) and pressure against the debt of peripherals is fired. The risk premium on Spanish, which is equivalent to the premium demanded to bonds to 10 years against the Germans, of reference for your safety, moves towards historic highs and is situated in annual maximums, 285 basis points (brushed 300 when Ireland had to be rescued). Source of the news:: harassment of Spanish debt touches highs After the European Summit.

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Hosni Mubarak

Past nine in the morning Egypt opened its border with Gaza indefinitely thus breaking the encirclement which maintains the freedom of a million and a half people subject to the whims of the Government of Israel since 2007. There was no great expectation in Rafah to those hours. Most of the informants had been withheld from seven in the morning in the controls prior to the border post, with arguments for all tastes. Later forget the old ways, and the Hosni Mubarak rais fell from its pedestal barely 100 days ago. Nor on the border, there was large influx in the early hours. However, drip has grown, evolved into a constant Jet, especially out of the Strip. Although also input. These hours more than 300 people have already crossed on the Palestinian side the Egyptian. The normal daily average is 500 and it tends to get more people in the afternoons, costs the post responsible for venture figures.

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