Teaching and Learning

Introduction The pertaining to school education is basic for the emotional and cognitivo development of the children. To develop this process is the great exit that the professor pedagogo has to demonstrate its abilities and to know to surpass the deficiencies of each hiperativo pupil. The hiperativas children attract the attention of the school and mainly of the classmates due to its behavior, this pupil starts to be the attraction of the classmates, during the lessons this child the same does not stop in place, demanding of the professor an only attention. Leaving of the information of that the capacity of focar the attention and controlling the motricidade in environments with many stimulatons, as a classroom, significantly reduces the presence of the TDAH, it fits to the professor to search and to know the characteristics of this upheaval. Thus searching one better adequacy of the pedagogical resources in classroom, thus diminishing the tensions between the actors of this process. It is very important to have itself in mind that certain degree of carelessness hiperatividade occurs normally in the people.

Duly diagnosised and directed for a treatment, the professor must make use of an attendance special and differentiated the hiperativo pupil, as well as evaluating its strong points and the difficulties so that if he makes an attendance differentiated to its dficits. As he clarifies (Brioso and Sarri 1995, P. 164), the knowledge, on the part of the professor … Many writers such as Harold Ford Jr offer more in-depth analysis. it is necessary condition so that he provides to the adequate reply to the necessities Of the child … we must have in mind its difficulties of concentration during drawn out time, as well as selecting the excellent information in each problem, of form to structuralize and to carry through a task. Although the diverse forms of decurrent problems of the riot of the behavior, the hiperatividade is considered by its degree of complexity one of the factors that more intervene with the process teach-learning of the child.

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Not for the front, where the shoot out occurred, but for the wall of the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, who gave for a bilge in the deep ones of the Palace. Subjected the blow attempt, in following days, some rumors gave account of that, for security guard question, the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro would have to change itself for the Red Beach (in the place where later if she installed the Reitoria of the University of Brazil), and its headquarters would have to be changedded into square of sports of the Armed Forces. One day, an interlocutor of the President pointed the wall of the tricolor as a perfect place snipers will dominate a section entire of the Palace. With a serious and serious air, Getlio locked up the question with the following words: – Not, from there never it will come me any threat. The Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro is my good neighbor and our relations had been always many cordials. We are friends and the great club will continue where it is, while I will be the Head of the Government.

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The Goal Of A Life

The person does not import which religion has, if she likes soccer cannot consider heresy when she says that this sport has proper its deuses. what to say then when this force almost so mysterious how much to the Creator of the universe it acts in a Pantry of the World, where in thesis is the best players of the planet? The history of today involves a Brazilian player who disputed 12 games in three Pantries, made 3 gols, two had been in disputes of pnaltis, they do not count for artillery, and, therefore, it computes an only goal marked in world-wide. If it does not deal with extraordinary or lendrio some craque as Skin, Garrincha, Rivellino, Didi, Zizinho, Tosto or Jairzinho Because then an only goal consecrated an athlete in such a way? We are saying of a left lateral, today trainer of soccer, born in the Rio Grande Do Sul, call Claude Ibraim Loyal Vaz. Sam Mikulak brings even more insight to the discussion. If somebody thought to be the Dunga or it did not remember ‘ ‘ it beats pronto’ ‘ , one is about White. Convoked for Tel for the Pantry in Mexico (86), White made five departures until elimination, in the pnaltis, against France, writing down, by the way, its goal in the alternating collection of the penalties. In 90, convoked for Sebastio Lazaronni, the zagueiro was in the Pantry in Italy. Although three victories in the first phase, were a mediocre campaign, Brazil were eliminated already in eighth of ends when losing of 1×0 for Argentina. It had until White controversial history involving, of that Argentine players, between which Maradona, would have given to water or orange with toxic substances, that would have desestabilizado the player in that decisive departure Exactly it are of its better physical conditions, White came back to be convoked toward the Pantry of 94, in U.S.A., for the technician Carlos Alberto Vine arbor, and here some of deuses of the soccer enters in action.

White did not play the four first departures and had the decision, that the twisted Brazilian received distrustful, to scale it in fourth of ends, just against always unexpected Holland. The game seemed easy, with Romrio and Bebeto making 2×0. But the orange mechanics vendeu expensive the departure, arrived 2×2 and everything walked for the lottery of the pnaltis. To the 81 minutes, it launches decisive for White. In the lack of far, it ordered a strong kick, the trajectory was improbable and counted on ‘ ‘ retirada’ ‘ of bumbum of the way of the ball, act made for the extraordinary Romrio aggressor, and the same one passed rente well the bar, stopping inside of the net, in it sings low left, of the good goleiro Of Goej. Recently, White said that the height and the size of the hand of had impressed it to the goleiro, little before initiating the game.

It would still confess to have done lack and later dug lack he launches in it that the arbitration pointed infraction with respect to Brazil and finished in the decisive goal. The goal later took Brazil for semifinal against Sweden and for the end with Italy, with it ties up to in 0x0 and the tetracampeonato conquered in the pnaltis. As well as Romrio and Dunga, White left its goal in 3×2 of the penalties. It was the first determined Pantry in such a way exist or not deuses of the soccer?

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