Average Education

The conception of searching professor sends in them to a paradigm: education and research. When the professor is said as researcher, this is seen as one ' ' solucionador of problemas' ' in the educational area, that is, expectations are great servants in relation to this professor. With the finishing of the research, if this not to generate resulted positive, many times the searching professor is pointed as the responsible one for not the resolution of the pertaining to school problems. Many times the same do not have the support of the school to exert its career of searching professor, leaving it thus, at some moments, not motivated. 3.A University and the Schools of Basic and Average Ensino: an important relation in the Formation of the Professor of Geography the relations between the University and the Schools of Basic and Average Education, whose basic objective is pautado in the teaching formation, would have to be ample and harmonious. The amplitude of the same ones would be in the possibilities of performance of the probationary learning in the practical one developed inside of the classrooms, already the harmony, would be related to the acceptance of the trainees in the pertaining to school environment for all the managing team of the school.

This contact between the University and the Schools only happens in the period of the period of training. Space this, in which, the learning of the Course of Licenciatura in Geography participates as observing and listener of some lessons, observing the regency of the professor who gives disciplines it. When reflecting this contact, we notice that the learning is not playing its role of researcher, therefore does not have nothing to offer of new the professor who is in the classroom. Malysz (2007), in the article ' ' Period of training in partnership university-education bsica' ' , it ahead places a personal point of view of the reality for analyzed it, in which the interaction between probationary learning is seen as an alternative of interaction with the professors of regular education.

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State Territory

56), the civilizations would have to be questioned on the understanding of the regions, because they are who when developing productive activities in the territories create Inter-relationships between individuals and sectors. For Marcelo Lopes de Souza (2003, p.79) the concept of territory elaborated from the empiricist-descriptive matrix evokes the national scope detaching the State in the defense of the native territory, not excluding a reflection on this, while, natural resources, geographic position front the economic blocks. An independent society is that one that defends its territory as cultural identity and at the same time continent of resources. According to Abramovay (2003) the territory, more than simple physical base for the relations between individuals and companies possesss one fabric social that is built constantly, by means of its complex organizations, carried through for bows that surpasses natural environments, as well as the planned and constructed nets, as the tracks for the transports and the medias. ' ' A territory represents a tram of bonds with historical roots, configurations politics and identities that still play a role little known in the proper development econmico' ' (Idem, P. 45) In this direction also Rogrio Haesbaert (1999) it standes out that, the region is an intellectual construction, but is built by the activity human being, in its constant productions of the territorial diversity, being the basic question the perception of the agents and the prioritized processes to understand the reasons of the space differentiation. An alternative to treat the regional question can be defined in the picture of the territorial integration, while synthesis of the division process social technique and of the work, the productive concentration and the financial centralization estimating the existence of relations of being able, definite by means of the politics and of economy. In the capitalism, all region possesss a center that the structure, being the levels of territorial integration the consolidation of its urban net, disclosing to financial productivity in the reorganization and performance of the urban and agricultural nets, mainly, in the advanced economies.

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