State Territory

56), the civilizations would have to be questioned on the understanding of the regions, because they are who when developing productive activities in the territories create Inter-relationships between individuals and sectors. For Marcelo Lopes de Souza (2003, p.79) the concept of territory elaborated from the empiricist-descriptive matrix evokes the national scope detaching the State in the defense of the native territory, not excluding a reflection on this, while, natural resources, geographic position front the economic blocks. An independent society is that one that defends its territory as cultural identity and at the same time continent of resources. According to Abramovay (2003) the territory, more than simple physical base for the relations between individuals and companies possesss one fabric social that is built constantly, by means of its complex organizations, carried through for bows that surpasses natural environments, as well as the planned and constructed nets, as the tracks for the transports and the medias. ' ' A territory represents a tram of bonds with historical roots, configurations politics and identities that still play a role little known in the proper development econmico' ' (Idem, P. 45) In this direction also Rogrio Haesbaert (1999) it standes out that, the region is an intellectual construction, but is built by the activity human being, in its constant productions of the territorial diversity, being the basic question the perception of the agents and the prioritized processes to understand the reasons of the space differentiation. An alternative to treat the regional question can be defined in the picture of the territorial integration, while synthesis of the division process social technique and of the work, the productive concentration and the financial centralization estimating the existence of relations of being able, definite by means of the politics and of economy. In the capitalism, all region possesss a center that the structure, being the levels of territorial integration the consolidation of its urban net, disclosing to financial productivity in the reorganization and performance of the urban and agricultural nets, mainly, in the advanced economies.

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Plant Road

The Park is managed by the DAEE Water Department and Electric Energy and the visits must be set appointments by telephones (11) 776-1107 and 9994-5821 Waterfalls of the Point and the Black Portire – They are the 7 km of the city for the Road of the Pitas. They are local of easy access and sufficiently frequented. Waterfall of the Z Bim – It is of particular property and it receives children in practical from interpretation of the nature. Waterfall of the Tobog – Waterfall of the Plant of the Eletropaulo (old Light) the 7 km of the center of Salespolis, access for the Road of the Mirandas, meets it historical Plant of the Light, constructed in 1912. With almost 200 hectares of area, this first reservoir, produced electric energy from the first fall dgua of the river Tiet, with 73 meters of height (still existing), that it supplied cities of the High Tiet and the Valley of the Paraba.

Today disactivated, it will be able to become local tourist that assists the visitor to understand the function and the impact of the construction of hydroelectric plants. Mirante of the Tower – For a sight of the city and great part of its relief. The mirante is located the 1,5 km of the center of Acute Salespolis Pico – Of the place it can be had an interview city and is propitious for practical of sports, free flight and scaling. One bes situated in the Road of Petrobra’s. Metereolgico radar – It provides seen panoramic of the city, can be used to make walked and scalings. Located in the Barrage New Da Ponte. Barrage New Bridge – Damming waters of the lendrio Tiet, constitutes in a propitious place for fishes navigation and leisure, pretty and pleasant. First church Of Is Jose – Constructed in 1908, is great attraction for the tourists, therefore its painting is original. Artistic vestibule of the City Park of the Pinheirinho Senzala Large house of taipa, of century XVIII. Synopsis made for the Solange teacher better to work with the pupils on the subject of hdricos resources and the importance of waters of surface with adolescents of 15 the 17 years of the average education of the state public net of education.

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