Fernando Alonso

The Day of the Father is approaching and this year I have decided that it is the first time that expresses everything to him I want what it without needing words, through a unique and original gift. Of those unforgettable ones. I do not know if it happens the same to you, but it is very difficult to say to me to him, expensive to face, and watching it to the eyes that I want much to it. I have often tried it. More than one and of two. But in the end a knot in the stomach is put to me and everything remains in simple thanks or a smile.

It gives rage me. And it is why this 19 of March I have decided to make something different. In case some feels identified, I will tell my plan you for the Day of the Father, I hope that it can serve to you as guide. We are going to go by parts. I set out my situation: I do not walk exceeded very time nor money. It happens the same to you? I, personally, already have resolved east problem, will say to you how: recently the page of Coupons of Discount arrived at Spain I visit, it every day to be up-to-date of all the promotions, supplies, and of the new Codes of Discount that they offer to me. Before he was quite reticent to buy online, but I can assure to you that it is the most effective form to save money, time and to acquire different and original things.

This Web lodges all the stores of Spain that you can be imagined. But the difference is that in special days, like this 19 of March Day of the Father, it offers shining million to you ideas. In the zone of temporary supplies for the Day of the Father I have found different stores like Aladinia, Zone Gift, Zavvi, Macnificos, Atrpalo. I already have my favourite: Zone Gift. Why? Because I refuse to give the necktie to him of always, after-shave, the favourite perfume This can be bought he in any store. I spoke yesterday with him by telephone and I said to him that a gift imagined. ***reflxing mng itself, it commented to me: " then I want something that you cannot obtain. I want to lead a Ferrari like the one of Fernando Alonso". I ***reflxed mng myself and I said to him that it was truth, that could not obtain it. But I lay to him. Today I have in my hands a circuit in Ferrari for my father, acquired in Zone Gift. The track she will be the one of Montmel, because although there was a pile of options I have chosen east circuit so that champion feels still more at the time. And above, the price has been one " ganga" Perhaps this idea seems to you a little dangerous for your parents, and you prefer: one wine tasting, a good restaurant, one escaped romantic, horse routes or perhaps a stay in a spa? Here I leave the suggestions you, is in your hands acquiring the coupons and codes of discount to demonstrate of unforgettable form to your father much you want who it.

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Camping Survival

A little while of survival it is when you begin a camping stroll, an excursion or an expedition of hunting, and by reasons for greater force, you are yourself forced to survive utlizando like aid some of the basic capacities of survival. Next I show some situations to you in which certain tactics of survival can develop your skill outdoors or when going of camping. We said that a survival circumstance happens when you are forced to take action being used elements from the environment, those that will help a little while librarte of limit. To dominate a few techniques of survival will help to manejarte with greater confidence and tranquillity you in those extreme circumstances. For example, you have solved to go of camping and to ascend on a mountain, and to return before the weekend. Nevertheless you are doing when it, you lose several datum points and it give account you of which you have spent two or three times through the same footpath. There are lost the way the night advances, and you have cobijarte and calentarte. It is it is only one night, there is no problems, tomorrow you will continue exploring what is the correct way.

But by more times than you try on the following day, you begin to move away of the places that seemed to you familiar, and again the night approaches, and begins to indicate the threat of a storm. Now it is not the best moment to try to think about the survival. To it initiated was easy to think about gathering wood, but already you must deliver an attack by enfocarte: you must proveerte of branches, and only there is a great tree. You will raise an asylum or you will use the branches like firewood. There are no difficulties with young trees, nevertheless this tree owns branches of much thickness. There is no election: the best thing to obtain your intention is a survival hand saw.

If you knew on that type of situation could appear, you do chosen a mountain range that is perfect to carry in a pocket, and as she is small, it can be mixed easily with the rest of your provisions. All we diminished the possibility of living a reality on survival, Yes we left camping! and you only arrive at darte tells of important that the serious thing to be chatted beforehand, when it passes one to you. Ten present this for your survival: if one is guiarte when returning of a long walk to the mountain, or when you go of camping or to improvise a way for a safe return, continuously you must fix a minimum group of how three distant elements like reference. They must be sufficiently distant to each other like being able to make a drawing in your head. It chooses the one of means and it advances towards him. The location that this to the right always must be in that place, to that right. If volverte is possible, the central point will have to continue to your backs, and you need to watch that there this with repetition. And the area that before was the right, obvious now will be located to the left. These three points will locate to you when you must ignite the fire at night, or for your refuge. Is unknown zone would become familiar if you do not lose them of view, until of 2 days of camping. Obtn many more information of how in these times many abilities of survival will help beneficiarte in conditions of survival.

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