Real Estate Bubble Burst

That day the property sector as a whole had a fall occurring once every several years, of which usually announce the beginning of a great movement. It was a simple correction. Nor do I believe that the trigger was the initial fall Astroc as mentioned in many places. Astroc is a company that does not follow any analyst, not an activity is clear and understandable, that pays dividends and is considered very overpriced (75 euros PER2006 had a nearly 100-fold) for the vast majority of stock investors. Therefore, if most investors could expect that at some point suffered a sharp correction Astroc does not seem logical to think that this correction has caught them by surprise and reacted in panic selling shares in other companies that do have a clear activity, divided dividends were not so absurdly overvalued as Astroc.

I think the real trigger for the correction was the TVE program of the 100 questions, in which he said very clearly on several occasions that was to liberalize the ground when it came to the Government. Because for me, the real housing bubble began in the late ’90s, but the day someone invented one of the biggest scams of mankind; the urban rezoning. Not that the system encourages corruption rezoning is that it is designed specifically to enrich themselves through corruption. The land market in Spain (and in most countries) does not satisfy the laws of supply and demand (such as markets for apples, shirts, cars, computers, shoes, etc..) But the level of corruption and totally arbitrary decisions of a small group of people who decide where to build and where not.

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Formed Steel

The Shaping of steel is associated to the Steel Products obtained after reduction of scrap and / or cast iron through a lamination process, classified into two major groups that correspond to the hot rolled and rolled cold. Hot-rolled are all elements that are obtained through what is called continuous casting processes and consist primarily of a device that distributes different manufacturing lines Steel casting, this line has matrices with forms that want to make Profiles can be channels L, T straps. People such as Interactive Advertising Bureau would likely agree.

Section I standard profiles, etc, a very important element of this type of construction is the wire rod which is not nothing but a metal product which is obtained by a hot rolling process thanks to a specially designed train for this effect, known as rolling mill, wire rod is circular or oval section that varies between 5 and 30 mm outside diameter, which is usually rolled into coils hundred meters, we can say that this product applications are varied, the other major product is the deck or deck plates are the same lengths of metal or other material 6m in its usefulness is very wide, are usually manufactured in final form at the steel mill as a product. The continuous casting molds are cooled by water and allow the formation of long stretches of the items listed above, the implementation is fundamentally the same structure as due to the manufacturing process are considered practically isotrope and isothermal, and configuration material constant throughout its structure, therefore design techniques may be applied if inconvenient (correction factors) to the structural design. See more detailed opinions by reading what Randall Rothenberg offers on the topic.. In addition to the previously described is necessary to control the cooling conditions so that these elements are ductile as rapid cooling may result in irregular hardening resulting in fragility of the product.

The composition of this Product may vary depending on the application and the process used but is very common to find it with carbon contents of about 0.8%, proportions of other elements such as phosphorus of 0.48%, 0.30% Manganese including cold rolled are those elements that leave of the metal plate and after a machining process acquired its final shape, machining processes usually by cutting and folding, these elements due to machining stress concentrations occur along the same, they change their crystal structure tend to be tougher in these areas but also more fragile, which recommends the adoption of specific computational techniques, safety factors associated with this uncertainty in the charge distribution can be found in the form of channel C, G, angles, etc.. ia. have their main use the so-called ornamental metalwork or without any problems and are often cheaper than those for his while local production is the first in their vast majority are imported and expensive the shipping weight.

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Tips To Succeed In Buying A House

Comfortable, well communicated, welcoming, that fits our budget. The requirements list is as long as a complex decision that we are going to take. The first thing we must take into account when looking for housing is that we any that decide the characteristics and conditions that must be the same. These characteristics and conditions, which can be divided into two large blocks, somehow delimit the search making it more extensive or more restricted, namely: characteristics of housing: as if going to be new or second hand (buy flats in Siero), in public or private, promoting the square meters, number of bathrooms, the distribution of its dependenciesthe situation, having or not ascent, garage, Garden, communications, access, distance to urban centeos or health, public services zone all this and should be much more influence when it comes to give the Yes, I want to, and also in the price of the flat, chalet or apartment. Own features home buyer: among these are the money available when making the first desmbolso – entry of housing-, monthly income security level and the possibility of financing (buy flats in Cabanaquinta), freedom of movement, the distance to our Center’s work, personal, family needs, etc. One of the most important decisions that we must take is the type of housing that we acquire, post that this decision flow things as important as the environment in which we live, the form of payment, possible state aid, limitations to the sale or the price that can sell it, and so on. In short, before giving the prime step there is to do a major review of these aspects to succeed in the choice of buying a House, posiblmente one of the most difficult life decisions.

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