Elite Athletes

On-learning, is a concept used by the elite athletes, the teachers of school and others more involved with education and learning of behaviors. For example, many teachers will say to you that if you know to a subject ” fresco” before an examination, it is than probable more have a good day; even, if a fact like stress (an Event Triggering factor) hacerte can temporarily forget things that you would remember easily under less tense conditions. When on-learning a habit, like the habit to drink at least 2,8 liters of cold water throughout the day, is going to be very little probable that you do something that is comfortable and simple (like not drinking water and drinking refreshment) if you run into with one of your Events Triggering factors. When we ran into with our Events Triggering factors, we are going to do what is easier; nevertheless, if on-you have learned a habit that now is like one second nature for you, you can follow with those healthful habits, even when you face moving emotions, stress, or any other Event Triggering factor. How long it takes on-to learn something? Well, if you are trying to learn a new behavior, or to break an old habit? , the investigations show daily that you must practice the new habit or avoid the old behavior, by around 100 days You can do a very good work to establish new behaviors of feeding and exercise in only 3 weeks but the true on-learning, only happens until after 10-11 weeks more or less. By then, you will have developed to a practically impenetrable strength against your own Events Triggering factors something that will maintain to you thin, strong and healthful of by life! I ask myself if you include/understand the powerful thing that can turn out to use the concepts of on-learning and events triggering factors for your goals of loss of fat and physical preparation. Ramiro R P.D.

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